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Tiffany Hsu Says This Cult-Classic Lipstick Is The Absolute Best Red

Mytheresa’s CBO shares her beauty essentials.

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When someone’s selfie makes you scroll back, you want to know the beauty products responsible for the double take. Inquiring minds get answers with TZR’s The High/Low series, where we ask our favorite tastemakers to reveal both the splurge-worthy and wildly affordable staples in their routines.

As Mytheresa’s chief buying officer, Tiffany Hsu is a front row staple throughout the fashion month circuit. When you jet-set across the globe to runway shows a couple times a year to source new designer pieces to carry on the luxury e-commerce site, you quickly learn how to pack strategically. For an extra skin care boost, Hsu adds on at-home treatments that can also easily be done on-the-go or in a hotel room. “I try to keep it simple, but I always incorporate gua sha into my routine and I do sheet masks and a red light mask regularly,” she tells TZR. “I ice my face during fashion week to keep it tight and perky!”

Hsu’s MO is similar when it comes to hair and makeup. “My signature hairstyle is my bob, so no special care or upkeep is really needed, and my red lips are my go-to for beauty,” she says. “It practically takes over my face so I don’t need to do much. I like to try out new eye shades and makeup for evening looks and I also will do a wet hair look in the summer or for the evening, which lends itself to a sharper look overall.”

So, what products make Hsu’s cut? Keep reading for the Mytheresa CBO’s beauty essentials over and under $50.


Tiffany’s Favorites Over $50

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