Hands Down, These Are The Best New Products For Sensitive Skin

No redness or irritation in sight.

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What’s the opposite of the lottery, because sensitive-skinned people feel like they’ve won it. Reactive complexions have become so common that it’s often thought of as just another skin type, but having a perma-irritated visage (or body) is no joke. Basic beauty tasks like sun protection and exfoliation are tricky, and even the most banal of cleansers and moisturizers can set off a chain reaction of redness and irritation. It’s also difficult to figure out how to approach products that use active ingredients to tackle a certain concern, like reducing pigmentation, balancing uneven texture, or diminishing lines and wrinkles. You’re forced to tread gently in the world of beauty, always wary of something that could set your complexion off. Instead of putting your barrier on the line, I’ve compiled the best sensitive skin products of 2023.

These new launches are categorized into two groups: the products for treatment are rich with actives and are meant to achieve a specific goal, while those for soothing have skin care heroes that do basic functions like cleanse, moisturize, and protect without causing irritation. Hopefully, these products help your compromised skin make a soft landing – just like they have for my complexion.

Treatment Products For Sensitive Skin

Soothing Products For Sensitive Skin

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