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Usher In Pedicure Season With The Top Spring Nail Polish Colors

Sun’s out, toes out.

spring 2024 pedicure colors
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Sure, a pair of statement earrings or a sculptural bracelet adds to a spring outfit, but painting your toes a poppy complementary color can really take your look to the next level. So while you’ve probably already booked your seasonal haircut and placed a Sephora order for your warm-weather makeup essentials to get you prepared for the new season, have you considered your first mani/pedi of the year? The spring 2024 pedicure color trends have never been more exciting, and include a handful of pretty neutrals and bold shades that will look stunning with virtually every sandal style.

Whether you prefer to stick with classic colors like red or you’re more daring and down to try an unconventional shade like lime green, this season’s top trends cover all of the bases. To help ease the decision process at your pedicure appointment, TZR has enlisted nail experts to share the season’s of-the-moment polish shades, along with tips on how to wear them.

Keep reading to discover the biggest pedicure color trends of spring 2024.

Lavender Chrome

Call it the Hailey Bieber effect, but chrome manicures have exploded in popularity after the Rhode founder wore ‘glazed donut nails’ to the Met Gala in 2022. Since then, the look has evolved into an array of different shimmery designs and has even extended to pedicures. This spring, Aja Walton, celebrity manicurist for essie, predicts lavender chrome-painted toes are going to have a moment. “It's the perfect fusion of a soft, pastel hue with a modern metallic sheen which captures the essence of spring's renewal and innovation,” the expert shares. An easy way to achieve the look without chrome powder is by painting a shimmery top coat over a lavender polish.

Buttery Yellow

Match your newfound sunny disposition with a cheery pedicure. Walton recommends a buttery yellow polish. “This brings a touch of warmth and sunshine to your look as we come out of our neutral winter haze,” Walton shares. “Sandal season is emerging and basically butter yellow is this season's version of the summer white toes. You want to pick a soft yellow with warm, white undertones rather than a vibrant or fluorescent yellow.”

Neon Pink

A spring stacked with outdoor festivals and al fresco dinners calls for a bold pedicure that won’t go unnoticed. Walton suggests a neon pink polish with warm red undertones. “Neon pink is set to trend this spring as a pedicure color choice due to its bold and vibrant appeal, reflecting the energetic and celebratory atmosphere of the upcoming festival season,” she says. “This eye-catching shade is my favorite choice for standing out in a crowd, especially when paired with a statement sandal.”

Chili Pepper Red

Red encompasses an elite set of nail polish shades that defies fashion trends and social media algorithms. However, it’s understandable if the onset of a new season ignites the urge to refresh your look, including your go-to manicure color. Instead of stepping outside of your comfort zone, simply tweak the shade of red you wear. For spring 2024, Amy Ling Lin, founder of Sundays Studio, suggests a warm chili pepper polish. “With just a hint of orange undertones, it complements all skin tones beautifully,” she says of the shade. “I particularly love this color for the toes because it has an awakening effect that livens up any look. It’s more unique than a traditional red and offers a versatile alternative to orange, striking the perfect balance between classic and distinctive."

Unconventional Magenta

If last year’s Barbiecore mania made you grow tired of traditional pink shades, why not try this unconventional color that has a purple undertone? “It's a standout shade that doesn't quite settle into pink or purple but captures the essence of both,” Ling Lin shares. “This is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a unique yet striking touch to their toes.” Despite its vibrancy, the color pairs well with virtually any sandal. Some may even go as far as to consider it a modern neutral.

Key Lime

Pastel nail polish and spring manicures go hand-in-hand every year, but this season, juicy lime is in the spotlight. “This vibrant and playful shade is a refreshing choice for spring,” says Julie Kandalec, a New York City-based celebrity manicurist and educator. “...It exudes a fun and lively vibe that perfectly complements the season's mood. The citrusy hues of lemon and lime bring a burst of color to your nails.” You can opt for a soft shade for a more subtle take on the trend or go for a true lime for a statement-making pedicure.

White French Tips

The French manicure has regained relevancy in recent years, cementing itself as a forever-classic design. Now, white tips are coming for your pedicure, too. “French tips in this Classic white shade are making a comeback this season, especially with Y2K fashion trends,” Kandalec shares. “Its clean and timeless appearance makes it versatile for any occasion, whether it's a casual day out or a formal event. The crispness of the white gives a fresh and polished look.” As for the base, opt for a sheer baby pink polish to enhance your natural nail color or go bare and simply apply a glossy base coat before going in with the white shade you’re using for the tips.