If You’re Looking To Spice Up Short Hair, Why Not Opt For Locs?

An all-time favorite.

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Short locs hairstyle fashion week

Protective hairstyles don’t get much more classic than locs. Whether you’re experimenting with at-home twists or hitting the salon for a wrapped set of faux, goddess, sister, or butterfly locs, there’s no denying they all have a decidedly special energy — especially as the weather heats up. There is one somewhat common misconception about the look that needs to be put to rest, though. You don’t need natural length or tons of flowing feed-in pieces to make a statement. Short locs styles are just as elegant and evocative as their longer counterparts, easily incorporated into updos and amplified by bold colors as well as timeless accessories.

You’ll see chic, short locs looks on runways, outside of shows come Fashion Week, all over celebrity Instagram grids, and the most elite red carpets alike. No matter what type you opt for, though, there are just a few key things to remember. Moisture is key, as is the case with virtually every style out there, but take care to not bog your hair down with anything too weighted. “Locs don’t do well with heavy creams or waxes as they can get trapped in the loc and cause build-up over time,” Annette Roche, hairstylist and co-owner of NappStar salon, told TZR last year. Instead, she suggests gently spritzing the hair with rose water sprays, which carefully hydrate both locs and the actual scalp.

Just below, get inspired for your next look with this guide to some of the chicest short-hair locs looks out there.

Flowing Half-Up Hair

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Nothing beats the structure and dynamism of a half-up look in general, but that goes double when locs are involved. This Fashion Week guest piled her relatively short locs high on top for shape and volume, allowing the rest to tumble around her shoulders.

Summery Beaded Ends


Accessories always make a statement, but these large wooden beads make an entire press conference. Some are attached to the very end of the shoulder-length locs, while others are added about halfway up for added texture and intricacy.

One-Side Focused

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One way to really put the focus on locs is by concentrating them to one side of the head. Sure, you could simply toss them over one eye, but an even more exciting way is to do what Kelela did and shave the other section — a look sure to go down in the It-Girl Hall Of Fame.

Short & Sleek

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Locs truly work with all lengths, no matter how long or short the wearer’s natural hair might be. This especially chic street style muse proves that you only need an inch or so of growth to participate in the fun and look incredible doing so.

Jumbo-Sized Locs


Halle Bailey’s large locs are so distinctive and glamorous, they became a defining feature of her character in 2023’s The Little Mermaid. She’s had wrapped twists of all shapes and sizes over the years — and so has sister Chloë, for that matter — but this jumbo-sized take is one of the coolest.

Two-Tone Color

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The twisted, looped shape of locs make them ideal for showing off all sorts of colors, including their rich, dimensional blend. In this instance, the shoulder-skimming locs are a stunning canvas for the combination of reddish cinnamon and medium-toned brown, a brilliant twosome.

High-Drama Spikes

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Get in on the high-fashion, avant-garde possibilities of locs by fanning the distinct style out in every possible direction. Willow Smith did exactly that and gave her own short twists a fresh-from-the-runway feel her fans have been recreating in homage ever since.

Layered-On Accessories

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Dismiss the notion that hats are made for covering rather than glorifying. This velvet beret is made all the better by the shoulder-length locs spilling out from under it, adding a touch of jaunty, Parisienne flair to the classic hairstyle.

Butterfly Locs


Defined by their wavy textured and coiled nature, Butterfly locs are always a favorite style when warm weather rolls around. They’re easy to install using the crochet method, and are actually very low maintenance considering how gorgeously intricate they look.

Loc Knots

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Who doesn’t love a cool two-in-one moment? Yara Shahidi brilliantly combined both short, small locs and traditional Bantu Knots to make one of the coolest, most distinct styles in recent memory.