REFY Enters Sephora To The Delight Of Eyebrow Lovers Everywhere

Full, fluffy, narrow, arched, anything — you’re covered.

REFY brow collection models

These days, a “British invasion” typically only brings good things: maybe a tasty restaurant, a new Adele album, some excellent memes, and some of the most iconic fashion houses. For beauty lovers, it almost always means the opportunity to check out the buzziest makeup, skin care, and wellness products beloved by across-the-pond counterparts. In this case, the highly anticipated arrival in question is a collection of cult-favorite eyebrow products from REFY, which enters Sephora today.

Already beloved by stateside gurus like Desi Perkins and Patrick Ta, the brand’s made quite a splash for still being so young — it first launched in November 2020, a labor of love from beauty and fashion influencer Jess Hunt and beauty entrepreneur Jenna Meek. After two years of research, the pair (still just 24 and 28 years old respectively) developed REFY’s signature three products, jointly known as the Brow Collection. Comprised of three individual products — a fine-tipped pencil, an angled brow sculptor, and a dual-ended pomade — the best-seller helped REFY go viral after its launch, promptly selling out in just six weeks.


The brand’s other secret weapon is one found in-house: Hunt, a huge name in the beauty tutorial world, has a pair of full, immaculate brows that have quickly become her signature. Using herself as a model, Hunt likes to demonstrate the products for her 1.4 million Instagram fans.

Outside of simply loving a well-made product, die-hard fans of REFY will be quick to tell you they’re drawn to the brand’s sense of individuality and self-expression. Every item in the line can be used to create both very natural and hyper-glam looks that, thanks to their buildable coverage and easy-to-use applicators, make perfect brows accessible to everyone.

The Brow Collection, sold both as a bundle and as individual items, is available in three universal shades. If you’re already hooked on REFY and eager for more, know that the brand has several more launches planned for this year. They’re still under wraps for now but if these new items are anything like the Brow Collection, you’ll want to grab them as soon as they debut.

REFY is available on Sephora.com now, and in select stores June 11.