9 Insider Tips For The Best Brows Ever

Valery Rizzo/Offset

We wouldn't be revealing an industry secret by telling you that groomed brows can brighten up your whole look: Your eyes stand out, your face seems lifted, and you probably find you want to wear less makeup because of it. That's why we're taking it back to basics with simple, stealth moves that will get you your best arches yet. In collaboration with European Wax Center, you’re just a few steps (and a flick of the wrist) away from perfectly full, fluffy, not "too done" brows.

Enhance Your Natural Brow Shape With A Pro Wax

Besides plucking the rogue hair here and there, leave any major grooming to a brow pro. Look for a salon or spa that specializes in waxing in particular, like European Wax Center. They'll take into account your brow shape, brow structure, and fullness to define your eyebrows in a way that’s most flattering to you.

Get The Right Products

Now that you have a good foundation, you’ll only really need a few key products to enhance your brows. “For natural, everyday brow filling, I recommend either a thin pencil or a felt tip brow pen," says NYC-based makeup artist Karla Duarte. “Thin applicators give you lots of control and allow you to sketch small, hair-like strokes wherever you need more density.”

Try European Wax Center Browfection Brow Liner and Shaper, which has an ultra fine, retractable tip made for precise application.

Consider Your Hair Color

Not sure what color to go with? Heed this handy advice from makeup artist Natalie Lageyre: Always try and match your brow product to your natural hair color, or, to be safe, go with one shade lighter. "It may be helpful to also determine whether your hair color skews warm or cool,” says Duarte. “For instance, brunettes with cooler undertones should pick cooler shades, like ash browns; warmer brunettes do well with warm, chocolate-y browns.”

Identify Sparse Areas

Look for where your brows need some beefing up (aka where there are significant gaps between hairs). “With a clean spoolie, brush hairs up and over until you find where you’d like them to lie,” says Lageyre. Now you’ll have an idea of where you need to fill.

Use A Light Hand

Use the tiniest, hair-like angled dashes you can draw with your pencil to fill in your brows. Utilize the side of the pencil tip, not the point, and “move in the direction of hair growth, working stroke by stroke,” says Duarte. “Make sure you step back every so often to assess your work, and check that you aren’t overdoing it. When you've finished, sweep the entire brow several times with your spoolie brush to blend and evenly distribute the color.”

Try European Wax Center Browfection Stayput Brow Pencil, a dual-ended pencil that sets to a natural powder finish and comes with a spoolie brush.

Define The Tail

If your eyebrows are shorter than you'd like, place your brow pencil diagonally at your nostril until it lines up with the outer corner of your eye. Where the pencil hits your brow bone is where the end of your eyebrow should extend to without it looking fake. (Brows that are too long can make your eyes seem droopy.)

Create A Clean Shape With Concealer

This trick is optional but will help you easily enhance the look of the arch and tail of your brows. “Press a very tiny amount of your usual concealer right above and below your arch, moving out toward the tail,” says Duarte.

Set In Place With Gel

Working from base to tail, run a brow gel through brows to set the color. (You can also use the gel alone to tame wayward hairs or whenever you need a quick fix.) Comb the gel upward unless the hairs are really long, in which case, just brush up and over.

Try European Wax Center Ready. Set. Brow! Perfect Brow Groomer, a soft-holding brow gel that sets brows in shape without being too stiff or flaky.

Finish With Some Glow

“Chalky, high-shine shimmer on brow bones feels very dated and harsh,” says Duarte. “Instead, opt for a soft cream highlighter that will add a touch of luminosity. You want to create the appearance of fresh, youthful skin.” Tap some just beneath your arch and outer third of your brow bone, then take the excess into the inner corners of your eyes for a little brightening magic.

Try European Wax Center Oh My Brow! Brow Highlighter, a highlighter stick with a sponge end designed to easily highlight the brow bone.

This post is sponsored by European Wax Center.