Ranavat's New Masque Delivers Silky-Smooth Skin In Under 5 Minutes

No time? No problem.


It’s not unusual to hear skin referred to as a canvas and really, it’s a pretty accurate descriptor. Even if you’re not a regular makeup wearer, your face skin is still the blank slate you wake up with and share with the world every day, a fresh canvas ready to be adorned with whatever you want, if you want. To that end, products that resurface skin, promote cell turnover, and clearing away any lingering debris are top picks for anyone wanting their canvas to be as smooth, mark-free, and ready for decoration as possible.

The Ranavat Flawless Veil Resurfacing Saffron Gel Masque, released today just in time for the official start of summer, is a powerful yet surprisingly gentle AHA-based masque. Infused with tropical fruit extracts that power the viscous masque (they also make the product smell like a Bahamas vacation), it’s the ideal all-in-one for anyone still readjusting to having a social life — the masque only takes 10 minutes per week for maximum results.

Flawless Veil is one of those products that manages to cram a bathroom shelf of efficacy into one tiny glass jar. Ayurvedic ingredients like mango, saffron, lotus seed, and mombin fruit, seen in traditional Indian treatments, combine with fruit sugar-derived acids and extracts to slough off any lingering, skin-clouding dead cells. For maximum results, it’s recommended that users wear the masque twice a week for up to five minutes at a time, though brighter, smoother skin is immediately noticeable after just one use. Along with this revitalization, the masque’s turmeric, saffron, and aloe vera use their natural anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and cool stressed skin, while the formula’s papaya enzyme improves skin circulation for added anti-aging benefits.

The physical and cosmetic benefits are chief, of course, but Ranavat makes it clear that it’s just as invested in the mental ones. As part of the company’s #YourRoyalRitual campaign, users are encouraged to think of the application time as an indulgent practice in self-care. The entire brand is built around founder Michelle Ranavat’s celebration of her Indian heritage and the sacred self-care traditions and rituals practiced by her ancestors. With the Flawless Veil joining an already impressive lineup of modern Ayurvedic products, it’s safe to say this is one masque you’ll greet with a royal welcome.

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