11 Ponytail Hairstyles To Try This Fall That Are Anything But Boring

No drab looks here.


There’s no denying the appeal of throwing your hair into a ponytail and calling it a day. But this fall, rather than your same old pony, consider giving the classic hairstyle a creative twist. Here are 11 fun ideas that prove the easy look is far from boring.


Crimpy Cool

If you didn’t toss your crimper a decade ago, you’re in luck: the look is making a return. For those who like to keep their hair out of their face, try out the popular ‘80s style by throwing your crimped locks up into a high pony.

Zig-Zag Part

Adding a cool part to a ponytail will instantly give it a funky feel. Take a page out of hairstylist Laura Polko’s book and try a fun zig-zag part, as she did on TikTok star Dixie D'Amelio.

High & To The Side

Give a classic pony an unexpected look by sweeping your hair to the side in the front. For extra pizzazz, add on some colorful bobby pins close to your ear.

Loose & Low

Yes, you can still wear a ponytail even if you have short hair. Opt for a low pony, and then leave a chunk of your hair out in the front for a bit of intrigue.

Bubble Pony

On those days where your strands aren’t cooperating, throw your hair into a pony and add on hair ties from the top all the way to the bottom for a bubble effect. Out of sight, out of mind.

Retro Flip

Channel the ‘60s and give a flipped-out pony a whirl. Not sure how to achieve the throwback style? Luckily, celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan provided a tutorial on her Instagram.

‘90s Scrunchie

Swap out your everyday hair ties for a cool ‘90s-inspired scrunchie. Whether you choose the accessory in a solid color or bold print, it’ll certainly amp up your ponytail game.

Lots Of Volume

Leave it to Kourtney Kardashian to demonstrate how to wear a ponytail with a middle part. For the pony itself, the oldest Kardashian gave it lots of volume. Try this at home by spritzing on R+Co’s Balloon Dry Volume Spray.

Wrap It Around

An easy styling trick to make your pony appear a smidge more polished is to leave a section of it out, wrap it around the hair tie, and secure it with pins. Consider a low pony so everyone is able to see your handiwork.

On-Trend Tendrils

Meet the queen of non-boring ponies, aka J.Lo. For this particular look, the 52-year-old added a tendril style to her pony, which just so happens to be a big trend this summer.

Effortless & Lived-In

Your ponytail doesn’t necessarily have to appear put together. Rather, tease your hair to make it a bit messy and give it a cool, just-woke-up vibe.


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