The 10 Most Instagrammable Pink Ombré Nails For Fall

Barbiecore is still going strong.

by Natasha Marsh
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It seems cotton-candy colors are not just for summer, as social media is proving pink ombré nails work just as well in the colder months. This color gradient manicure, where a lighter color starts at the bottom of your nail and gradually gets darker toward the tip, will be the biggest Instagram trend you’ll see this season. Ahead, 10 options to get you there.


Pink ombré nails look great on a variety of lengths and nail shapes. To recreate on your own, add in a drop of light and dark pink to a plate and mix in with a small sponge, picking up both colors and dabbing onto your nails.

Out Of This World

A holographic accent nail takes the classic pink ombré trend to the next level. Simply grab a metallic or holographic nail polish and experiment.

Mix & Match

A mismatched pink ombré manicure is a fun way to update the trend. Add in your favorite inverted colors and enjoy a full pink color run.

The More The Merrier

Why settle for one trend when you can incorporate multiple designs like this pink ombré and animal print combo? For those who prefer the DIY route, don’t forget to top off with a top coat for long-lasting wear.

Short & Sweet

Ombré nails are typically done on longer shapes as there is more real estate to show the fade out, but that doesn't mean they don’t look good on short manicures. Case in point: this ultra-cool quick-fade, square-shaped look.


Embrace logomania in a fresh way with a fun, branded manicure. You can opt to have one accent nail or display the design of your choice all over your pink ombré nails.


Looking for more of a vibrant finish? Opt for this translucent effect where pink and red ombré nails are combined in a slightly glassy and marble-like effect.

Powder Pink

Baby pink ombré nails are a great subtle pop to peek out of fall sweaters and jackets. Shape yours in almond, coffin, or round for a touch of femininity.

Bold Attack

With a much more muted base, add a bold pink to the center of the nails for an eye-catching take. Feel free to add some glitter or rhinestones to accent nails to keep things exciting.

‘90s Tie-Dye

Throw it back to the ‘90s with this tie-dye pink ombré hybrid that is both show-stopping and playful.


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