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These 10 Pedicure Products Are Lifesavers For Sandal Season

Balms, soaks, and more.

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The balmy, sun-soaked days of the year are upon us. By now you’ve likely dusted off your favorite sandals and scheduled a season's worth of pedicure appointments. After all, open-toe shoes are the unofficial footwear of summer so you’re going to want to show off your perfectly-polished toes. But as it turns out, you don’t necessarily need to visit a salon to get your feet in tip-top shape for your strappy sandals. In fact, by stocking your bathroom with the right pedicure products and tools you can easily make your feet sandal-ready in no time. Sure, it may require a bit of extra work, but having the essentials on hand can be beneficial if you find yourself in a pinch (say before a weekend wedding or an impromptu vacation). Even better: Most of the items you need can be found at any beauty supply or drugstore.

According to Ainur Rustemova, nail technician and owner of Noor Nail Bar in LA, hydrating your feet is the foundation of every good pedicure. “The skin on your feet tends to get very dry especially when wearing open shoes such as sandals so keeping them as hydrated as possible is essential,” she says. That said, there are an array of different products including lotions, creams, and even soaks targeted specifically for moisturizing the feet. Dryness is also the culprit of many aggravating skin issues come sandal season, including calluses and cracked heels. But as Rustemova notes, exfoliation — be it physical or chemical — goes a long way and will ensure that your feet stay baby soft.

Ahead, 10 vital products to give yourself a quality pedicure whenever you can’t make it to the salon.

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