Chanel’s Newest Beauty Collection Harnesses The Power Of This Iconic Symbol

Seeing red is a great thing.

Chanel red camellia collection model in profile

Chanel holds one of the rarest reputations possible for a historic brand. While the beauty products and garments produced are classic, iconic, and instantly recognizable, they’ve also managed to evolve with the times — sustainability factors included. The ability to simultaneously protect a legacy and focus on the future is a powerful one, and Chanel’s latest beauty collection is a perfect encapsulation of both. The Chanel No.1 De Chanel beauty line, comprised of skin care, makeup, and a fragrance, all harness the power of a Chanel signature — the camellia flower. Respected in the beauty industry for the plant’s natural ability to fight inflammation and environmental stressors as well as moisturize and soften, the red camellia — grown especially for Chanel in sustainable fields near its dedicated French research facility — is at the center of these new launches.

But while the development and creation processes of the new collection are undeniably high-tech, the products themselves (and the results they yield) are classic, clean, and effective. The new skin care lineup, built around slowing signs of aging and preservation, is housed in eco-friendly, ruby-red packaging designed to weigh less and utilize energy-saving inks and responsibly-harvested woods. A new elasticity-promoting serum, plumping revitalizing cream, revitalizing eye treatment, purifying cleanser-lotion duo, and a refreshing serum-mist hybrid make up the new skin care additions.


Even the plants’ seed shells are recycled to create packaging for some products in the new collection, further emphasizing Chanel’s across-the-board commitment to sustainability.

Two new makeup products extend the collection, both capitalizing on the red camellia’s moisturizing, illuminating properties. The Red Camellia Revitalizing Foundation comes in a library of shades all formulated to at once smooth and perfect skin while forming a literal barrier against epidermis-agitating stressors like pollution. The Red Camellia Revitalizing Lip And Cheek Balm is a two-in-one shortcut to rosy, just-pinched cheeks and lips reminiscent of the — you guessed it — red camellia itself. Melty, blendable, and ideal for travel, each shade enhances natural lip and cheek colors for a warm, romantic glow.


Finally, a new fragrance, the No. 1 De Chanel L’eau Rouge Revitalizing Fragrance Mist, offered perfumer Olivier Polge a unique challenge: the red camellia itself is an unscented flower, which meant Polge could essentially create his own red camellia scent based on its other properties like shape and petal size. “I started out with a multitude of jasmine, orange blossom, and rose floral facets typical of the House,” Polge explains in a press release, “and then I combined them with sparkling red fruit notes to express the freshness of this fragrance mist.” The result is a gripping, refreshing scent that can be worn alone or paired with another favorite fragrance for an even more intense result.


For beauty fans, this new collection is hopefully a harbinger of where the industry is headed in general. By evoking the camellia, Chanel’s most iconic symbol, but reworking it for a sustainable, results-focused future, the brand proves the best really is still yet to come.

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