Chanel Factory 5 Instantly Turns Your Bathroom Into A Parisian Spa

Five of everything, please.

Chanel Factory 5 The Body Cream

This year marks Chanel’s 100th anniversary as a fashion house, and it’s a number that seems both impossibly small and ridiculously huge at the same time. A full century is a staggering amount of time for a brand to even exist, much less stay so unwaveringly relevant. That same 100 years also feels like a blink — doesn’t Chanel seem quite literally timeless? But this birthday doesn’t come without celebration, and party favors to boot. To celebrate the milestone, Chanel is rolling out a series of products based around its legendary Chanel No. 5 fragrance. The collection, Chanel Factory 5, is a lineup of luxury bath and body care products, all carrying the signature scent and housed in beautifully minimalist (and limited-edition) packaging.

Chanel No. 5 is arguably the most iconic and instantly recognizable fragrance in the world, making this collection a natural choice for the anniversary celebration. No other scent is so adored by actors, models, royals, sophisticated teenagers, and chic grandmothers and aunts equally. This Chanel Factory 5 collection takes that universal appeal and dispenses it into beauty go-to's for everyday elevation.

“Through this concept, we want to return to the creation process of the first N°5 packaging,” explains Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur, Chanel’s Head of Global Creative Resources Fragrance and Beauty, in a press release. “At the time, it was a simple laboratory bottle, a functional object that became luxurious and iconic. There was already this notion of transforming a common, ultra-functional object into a precious one. Chanel Factory 5 celebrates this approach, this step to the side, in its own way.”

Bath lovers will be particularly pleased with the new collection. First up in the range is No. 5-scented bath tablets, a set of fizzing, floral-scented discs that dissolve in water and turn a utilitarian function like bathing into a sensuous self-care moment. The best part? Even when you’re finished with the tablets, the reusable black-and-white canister makes a smart home decor accessory.

Chanel Factory 5 The Bath TabletsChanel

Similarly, the paint can-inspired Shower Gel packaging is as pretty to look at as it is smell. A foaming wash that’s gentle on skin, the paint can packaging is filled with 20 individual gel pods for grab-and-go efficency perfect for travel.

Chanel Factory 5 The Shower Gel

It’s clear that body care is having a serious moment, but Chanel takes it even further with No. 5-infused indulgences as luxurious as they are functional. The Body Oil, housed in a motor-oil style bottle with tapered dispenser for localized (and mess-free) application, can be used from head to toe. Spread a little on cuticles and hair ends for even more hydration.

Chanel Factory 5 The Body OilChanel

That luxury moisture moment continues with the thick, rich Body Cream. Packaged in what looks like a larger-than-life tube of paint, its May-rose-and-jasmine scent is nothing short of transportive. Finally, for a lighter yet equally hydrating cream, The Body Lotion is both creamy and fluid, leaving skin gleaming, smooth, and touch-ably soft.

Chanel Factory 5 The Body LotionChanel

In a way, this collection is unexpected — how was it even possible to coax something this new and exciting out of a decades-old fragrance? But all you have to do is look back at 100 years of reinvention, all while staying true to the original aesthetic and ethos, and it all becomes crystal clear. Here’s to the next century and beyond.

The Chanel Factory 5 Collection is available June 29 at Chanel.com and select pop-ups.