Nécessaire’s New Shampoo & Conditioner Makes My Hair Feel Squeaky Clean — And Soft

A rare combo.

Necessaire's new hair care products, The Shampoo and The Conditioner

Nécessaire, the luxurious body care brand known for its chic, minimalistic packaging and clean formulations, has officially moved into hair care — or rather, scalp care. The Scalp Duo, which consists of The Shampoo and The Conditioner, seeks to “treat your scalp like your skin.” Both components are packed with vitamins and a slew of nourishing ingredients while remaining free of sulfates, silicones, parabens, and synthetic fragrances — you know, the stuff your hair doesn’t love. Nécessaire’s The Shampoo, has a gel formula made with plant surfactant, vitamin B3 (AKA niacinamide), vitamin B5, and aloe vera leaf juice.

I decided to test out the duo to see what it could do for my fine, frizz-prone hair and ended up pleasantly surprised. I have always struggled to find the right routine for my finicky hair. My scalp and ends tend to be dry, but because my strands are so fine, any moisturizing products end up making my hair look weighed down and greasy. Therefore, I’m usually after a squeaky clean effect, which I have been unable to find in sulfate and paraben-free formulas — until now.

The Shampoo suds up really well and leaves my hair feeling extremely clean (but not stripped). Over the past week that I’ve been using it, I’ve noticed that I have less scalp dryness and flakes, though that could also be due to the silicone scalp brush I’ve been using to work in the shampoo.

The Conditioner has a light, creamy texture, and though the brand says it’s meant to be massaged into the scalp, I’ve been applying it from my mid-length through my ends. It rinses out well (a quality that is difficult to come by with conditioners) but still leaves my hair feeling hydrated. In addition to vitamins B3 and B5, The Conditioner also contains hyaluronic acid and celery seed extract.

Though The Scalp Duo doesn’t fully combat my frizz, my hair feels bouncy and soft after using it. In the below picture, my hair is freshly washed and air-dried, with no additional product or styling. Overall, these products do a great job at simultaneously deep cleaning and nourishing my hair and scalp. Those with curly or extra-dry hair might not get enough moisturization from these products alone, but I think it’s the perfect amount of hydration for fine hair. While I prefer a light scent when it comes to shampoo and conditioner, I can appreciate that these are fragrance-free in an effort to avoid skin irritation or unnecessary ingredients.

Courtesy of Catherine Santino

As an added bonus, the packaging is a testament to Nécessaire’s commitment to sustainability. The cartons are made with FSC-certified paper, while the bottle is 100% Bio-Resin (Sugarcane).

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