This Gilded Face Mask Is Worth Its Weight In Gold (And Is Priced Accordingly)

Spoiler alert: She’s worth the splurge.

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There are a ton of great budget beauty buys, from intensely pigmented $10 highlighters to cult-fave face mists. But sometimes, you just want to splurge on something extra extravagant that gives your skin — and sense of self — a real boost. And I for one totally support that. After all, investing in great skincare products is an investment in great skin. This brings us to my latest luxury skincare obsession, the MZ Skin Hydra-Lift Golden Facial Treatment Mask.

With actual, literal gold particles included in the formula, this oh-so-indulgent face mask makes me feel like a 24k goddess. But with a price tag of $135, is it really worth the splurge? I’m breaking it all down below.

MZ Skin Hydra-Lift Golden Facial Treatment Mask Ingredients and Benefits

This hydrogel face mask promises to smooth, lift, hydrate, and brighten. And, spoiler alert, I can confirm it delivers.

There’s nothing lackluster about the MZ Skin Hydra-Lift Golden Facial Treatment Mask — that includes its glowy, golden appearance, as well as its ingredients.

The mask’s golden color isn’t just for the ‘Gram: Its ingredients list feature gold nanoparticles that team up with collagen to plump and firm skin. Additionally, niacinamide helps with discoloration, while vitamin C infuses radiance-boosting benefits.

It's also packed with hydrating hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, as well as rose damascena flower oil, a fragrant favorite known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Yes, there’s a lot to love about the ingredient list — including what it lacks. You won’t find parabens, silicones, mineral oil, anything genetically modified, sodium sulfate (SLS), or phthalates.

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How To Use the MZ Skin Hydra-Lift Golden Facial Treatment Mask

If you’ve ever struggled with a sheet mask not fitting correctly (once it’s smooth on your forehead, the nose holes don’t line up or it pulls off the chin), this genius, gilded hydrogel version provides a fool-proof solution to that problem. It comes in two pieces for a comfortable, secure, and slip-resistant fit. After all, when you’re paying a premium, you don’t dare waste a drop of the precious elixir.

My perfect, unapologetically indulgent self-care scenario? Delicious delivery food (preferably pasta), a glass of full-bodied red wine (or whatever non-alcohol spirit tickles your fancy), the relaxing scent of lavender wafting through the air, some gripping Netflix original, and the MZ Skin Hydra-Lift Golden Facial Treatment Mask. After 20 minutes — and at least one gold-plated selfie — peel it off and admire your glowing visage.

BRB, just going to cancel my evening plans...

The Bottom Line

When it comes to skin care, it’s not just efficiency that matters. You can find plenty of solid formulas that do as advertised, but miss the mark on texture or just don’t feel special. You have to want to use your skincare products. Dare I say, you should be excited about your skincare products. Pampering is definitely part of the equation.

Yes, at $135 for a pack of five, the MZ Skin Hydra-Lift Golden Facial Treatment Mask is a major splurge — but if your bank account can take the hit, I say “go for the gold!”

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