Kendall Jenner’s Makeup Artist Has A New Shortcut To Soft Glam Looks

And it’s perfect for fall travel.

@tal_abudi photographed @maryphillips headshot

Soft glam makeup — sophisticated yet still totally approachable — is the beauty equivalent to a full suit of armor. Something about defined eyes, warmed cheeks, and just enough lip color makes you feel like you can take on the world, one unanswered email at a time. The only downside, of course, is the time, tools, space, and dozen products needed to actually achieve the look. Professional makeup artists know better than anyone how crucial a multitasking shortcut can be, which is why it makes perfect sense that cult-favorite U.K. cosmetics line Trinny London tapped Mary Phillips, makeup artist to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, for a special collaboration.

Trinny London’s cream-based, stackable makeup is grab-and-go beauty at its best, sandwiching everything from bronzers to eyeshadows and cheek shimmer in travel-friendly towers that take up just a fraction of your makeup bag — key for doing looks on the fly. For their collaboration, Phillips — who works with Kendall Jenner and her sisters, Dua Lipa, J.Lo, Bella Hadid, and Hailey Bieber — curated an edit of products to build the ultimate soft glam full-face. And if you’ve been paying attention to any of Phillips’ clients, you know that look is an extremely popular one.

Trinny London

As part of the collaboration, Phillips put together a walkthrough video of exactly how she applies each piece for beginner-friendly glam that’s surprisingly easy to recreate. To preface the work, Phillips mentions how much she loves cream products generally. A far cry from the all-matte looks of just a few years ago, creams are having a real moment in the sun (just don’t leave them in the sun) thanks to their blendability, buildable coverage, and sweat-friendly consistency. “They’re really easy to use,” she emphasizes in the video, holding the Trinny London stack up before diving into the tutorial.

First, Phillips starts with a warm wash of Golden Glow bronzer in the shade Gaia across her hairline, up cheekbones, lightly across the jaw, and over her nose and eyelids for a sun-grazed glow that hints at a recent vacation. From there, she layers on Buffed Flush Blush in shade Schmoogie just on the high points of her cheeks and nose, which delivers that mild sunburn effect so popular on social media right now. As she starts sweeping Eye2Eye lid color in the shade Faith across her lids and lash lines, Phillips says the products are so goof-proof, you can use them anywhere. “You can even use your finger to apply this if you’re on the go or doing it while in your Uber or in your car — parked, not driving!” she laughs, blending the color into her lower lash line.

Trinny London

Using a small lip brush, Phillips lightly lines her lips with the Lip2Cheek multi-use pot in shade Freddie before patting that same color all over the lips with her fingers for an even more natural-looking finish — she even presses that same shade into the apples of her cheeks to give the blush an added boost. Finally, Phillips lights up her cheekbones, brow bone, and nose tip with the ultra-luminous The Right Light highlighter in shade Candlelight. “You can also take a little bit and add it to the center of the eyelid for a little shimmer,” she says, carefully applying a bit of the highlighter with a gentle ring finger.

The final result somehow looks both polished and born-with-it, arguably the most coveted end result of almost every makeup look out there. And if all the products required happen to snap and stack into place, that’s all the better.