7 Beauty Products Every Girl Needs After A Break-Up

If you just broke up with your boyfriend, take a beat and indulge in a compulsory chick-flick movie marathon (complete with your coziest PJs and favorite gelato flavor). Then, wake up with the sunrise and get your beauty cabinet ready for what we call: revenge glam. Yep, the best way to move on from a broken heart is to rehaul your routine with a few simple swaps and start over with a fresh—not to mention slammin’ hot—look. Here, seven new fall beauty products every woman needs to feel impossibly chic—just in case you run into your ex, or even better, meet the new man of your dreams.

Sweet Revenge

Photo: @ctilburymakeup

#1: Bold New Lipstick

Use It To: Instantly change your entire look and reinvent your go-to color palette.

#2: Anything-But-Ordinary Nail Polish

Use It To: Break out of your comfort zone and add sparkle to the inevitable string of blind dates you're likely to go on.

#3: Sleek Cat-Eye Liquid Liner

Use It To: Amp up your daytime look and mask tired, puffy eyes (it's okay, crying is allowed).

#4: Pinch-Of-Color Blush

Use It To: Add a healthy glow—remember, you don't need a man to make you blush!

#5: Serious Volume Spray

Use It to: Channel Brigitte Bardot's uber-glam locks by adding volume spray to the roots for a glamorous tousled vibe.

#6: Restorative Face Mask

Use It To: Hydrate your face and stimulate collagen synthesis—leaving you with glowing skin.

#7: Unexpected Fragrance

Use It To: Start this new chapter with a perfume that lets your olfactory senses know that a change (for the better) is happening.