4 Beauty Fixes January Jones Swears By

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January Jones’ role as Betty Draper in the beloved series Mad Men required her to sport bleached blonde hair and acrylic nails as part of the job. As such, her hair and nails took a beating while filming and in her recent interview with Into The Gloss, the starlet reveals some very interesting fixes she picked up along the way.

First, like many who lighten or dye their hair, the damage done can take forever to repair. January swears by Kerastase’s hair mask, which she wears for 20 minutes soaking in her routine evening bath.

Next, to strengthen the paper-like nails we have all experienced in the aftermath of acrylics or gels, January takes Biotin supplements.

For zits (yes, even this beauty gets them), Ms. Jones loves Cle de Peu—which is a hot lead as it’s near impossible to find a concealer that works, but doesn’t highlight unwanted fine lines in the process.

Last, she’s been using the same night cream for years and is convinced her face will melt off if she stops using it. Obviously, we are desperate to try this magical potion from Sisley, but ringing in at a ridiculous $795, we’ll probably opt out—as that is a little out of our budget.

Here, 4 beauty fixes the flawless actress swears by.

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