Louis Vuitton’s Latest Fragrance Is A Summer-Perfect Tribute To LA

West coasting.

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton City Of Stars Fragrance

California’s just a state of mind, and Louis Vuitton’s newest fragrance will help you find it. An olfactory homage to the crackling energy of Los Angeles in the early evening, Louis Vuitton’s City Of Stars fragrance is a continuation of the brand’s west coast-themed cologne collection — but it might be the crown jewel of the entire lineup. Developed by Louis Vuitton’s own master perfumer, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, the genderless scent captures the anything-could-happen feel of starry LA as the sun goes down — think Sunset at sunset. “It’s a more extroverted eau than its predecessors,” Cavallier Belletrud says in a release, explaining, “It’s radically focused on the special, shimmering atmosphere of a night in Los Angeles when the singular setting sun gives way to the city’s lights and spotlights that traverse the sky.”

Infused with a garden’s worth of attention-grabbing citrus and some well-chosen creamy florals, it’s enveloping and eclectic, not unlike the legendary city to which it plays tribute. In true Louis Vuitton fashion, though, the release wouldn’t be complete without some exclusively-designed, tote-anywhere accessories and a star-studded launch event to kick the whole thing off.

Louis Vuitton

The scent itself is a complex blend of five key citrus notes that almost act as a refreshing illuminator among the more heady, sophisticated florals. Blood orange, lemon, red mandarin, bergamot, and lime both temper and add a summery twist to the notes of sandalwood and tiare flower, which is part of the gardenia family. The citrus infusion “blends those different flashes, showcasing their spontaneity in a swirling melody that envelops and caresses the senses,” Cavallier Belletrud says, likening the notes to the blanket city lights that flick on all across the hills as the sun goes down.

Louis Vuitton

LA native artist and designer Alex Israel, much of whose work features brilliant gradient recreations of California sunsets, joined forces with the fashion house to create the fragrance’s original packaging and accompanying accessories. A travel case designed to hold one bottle and a fragrance trunk to carry the full west coast collection are more than themed novelties — they’re true works of art in their own right. To celebrate the launch of the fragrance and the Israel-designed accessories, Louis Vuitton hosted young celebrities like Fai Khadra, the Haim sisters, Noah Beck, and Miguel for a very literal representation of the theme — a city of stars indeed.

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