I’ve Tried Hundreds Of Lipsticks But This Will Always Be The Holy Grail

TZR celebrates National Lipstick Day.

Hannah Baxter
Beauty editor Hannah Baxter lipstick selfie slicked bun

Someday, we as a society will recognize National Lipstick Day as the sacred, celebratory holiday that it is. Children will do lipstick-themed arts and crafts in school, HomeGoods will roll out shelves of pseudo-kitschy Lipstick Day decor months early, and families will gather around the television for a heartwarming Charlie Brown Lipstick Day special. Ahh. Fine, so maybe we’re still a few decades away from that — but in the meantime, we can celebrate National Lipstick Day the best way we know how. TZR editors’ favorite lipsticks are as individual and distinct as the team itself, and everyone has a different rubric on what makes their picks the best.

Lipstick is one of the most universally beloved beauty products of all time, with even rudimentary versions highly prized in early civilizations. As the global population grew, so did the product’s popularity — and it currently clocks in as a near-$10 billion dollar industry on its own. As beauty editors and writers, this group has seen more lipstick than a dozen Sephora deadstock piles — which means there’s been plenty of experimenting with finishes, wear-time, undertones, and tons of different formulas. Each editor’s favorite earned the spot for a reason, be it for an especially complementary color, a glossy-glam shine, or even good old-fashioned nostalgia.

Below, Team TZR shares their absolute favorite lipstick — for now, anyway.

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Angela Melero, Executive Editor, TZR

Angela Melero

“Anyone who knows me knows I’ve never met a red lipstick I didn’t love. That said, this year, I fell in love with this blue-red by Fenty. It’s a classic red that feels very Old Hollywood and features a nice velvety, semi-matte finish. Maybe it’s the versatile color, or maybe it’s the fact that it’s the color I wore when I actually met RiRi herself — whatever the reason for my devotion to this lippie, it’s a constant in my handbag.”

Annie Blay, Associate Beauty News Editor, TZR

Annie Blay

“I’m more of a gloss girl so when it comes to lipstick my collection is pretty small. I need a formula that is buttery and soft, goes on like a balm, and leaves a slight gloss — and the L’Absolu line from Lancôme does all of the above. It’s no wonder starlets like Zendaya and Lupita Nyong’o are fans. Not to mention this gorgeous reddish brown shade (which looks more pink when applied) looks beautiful against my complexion.”

Natasha Marsh, Beauty Features Writer, TZR

Natasha Marsh

“I’m all about liquid matte lipstick this summer and this one from Urban Decay is smudge and transfer-proof, giving my lips the perfect shine. Cuffed up is a great soft pink color to play around with on summer days and to highlight a neutral fall wardrobe.”

Hannah Baxter, Deputy Beauty Editor, TZR

Hannah Baxter

“I haven’t always been a liquid lip girl, but when makeup artist and brand founder Violette debuted this new shade of her Petal Bouche formula I was intrigued — could a cool girl pink exist? Spoiler alert: yes, yes it can. This rich electric pink shade makes me feel like my chic French alter ego, and despite being a matte finish (which can be drying) it’s surprisingly comfortable and truly stays put. I adore how it brightens up my whole face, even with very little additional makeup. All you need is a bit of patience and a steady hand to apply it and you’re blessed with a fiery rosebud pout for hours.”

Catherine Santino, Beauty News Writer, TZR

Catherine Santino

“I’m obsessed with Merit’s lipstick formula. It’s the perfect texture and so lightweight but still offers high pigmentation. It doesn’t dry out my lips like so many lipsticks do and the shade selection is gorgeous. I particularly love this neutral pink shade ‘Baby’, but the whole lineup is to die for.”

Amanda Ross, Beauty News Writer, TZR

Amanda Ross

“Though I’m trying to be more experimental, it’s hard to not revert back to the classics — especially when they’re this good. I love every Pillow Talk-themed release from Charlotte Tilbury but nothing compares (Prince version, natch) to the original Pillow Talk matte lipstick. It’s universally flattering, a very soft matte to keep from going dry, and pairs perfectly with every lip liner in my bag.”