Kristen Stewart's Brand New Shade Of Blonde Deserves Its Own Standing Ovation

It’s so flattering.

Tibrina Hobson/FilmMagic/Getty Images
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 07: Kristen Stewart attends a special fan screening of 20th Centur...

If there’s ever been any doubt that hair color has the power to totally change someone’s look, please direct your attention to Kristen Stewart in Spencer. In the film, which just debuted at The Venice Film Festival, followed by a three-minute standing ovation, Stewart stars as royal icon Princess Diana — a role that was a little difficult to picture until images of the actor’s transformation were revealed. Once Stewart donned Diana’s signature short, feathery style, the casting choice seemed like a no-brainer (her acting prowess doesn’t hurt, either). Now that she’s embarked on the film's press tour, Stewart has opted for a brand new shade of blonde that pays homage to her latest role — while still staying true to her grungy roots.

On the festival’s red carpet, Stewart appeared in a light blue dress with matching pants underneath, white pumps, and a noticeably fresh hairstyle. Now a unique shade of strawberry blonde, the actor is sporting a wavy bob that barely grazes her shoulders. In an IG post, Stewart’s longtime hairstylist Adir Abergel revealed that he collaborated with colorist Daniel Moon to create Kristen Stewart’s blonde hair.

“Hair can be such a beautiful way to express yourself and to have fun with and to tell a different story,” he writes in the caption. “Before coming to Venice Film Festival, Kristen and I hung out and dreamed up this new hair vibe. I then called my friend @majormoonn and we collaborated and created this new tone of blond together.” Abergel also said that the pair used Virtue Colorkick, a keratin hair filler only available to licensed cosmetologists, but there are many other blonde hair products that provide similar treatment.

Stewart is no stranger to dramatic hair changes. She’s strayed from her OG long brunette hair to try a pixie cut, a buzzcut, and has dabbled in her fair share of blonde shades. However, her previous blondes were either traditional buttery shades or bleached — her current strawberry blonde marks a new (and seriously flattering) era.

Given her penchant for bold new styles, there’s no telling how long Stewart will actually keep her color before moving onto the next experimental look. Surely, Stewart will remain a strawberry blonde as she continues to promote Spencer and probably throughout the season — after all, it is one of the top trending hair colors for fall.