Kristen Stewart Literally Shaved Off All Of Her Hair


Kristen Stewart has always been a total badass when it comes to her hair and makeup. From platinum blonde mullets to spiky brown hair and intense metallic eyes—she’s done it all. As of late, Kristen had returned to her short, brunette roots after saying goodbye to her time as a blonde. However, when she stepped onto the red carpet at the premiere for Personal Shopper, she debuted her most jaw-dropping, head-turning hair change of all time.

K.Stew posed for the cameras in a bleached-blonde buzz cut. Yes, the actress literally shaved her hair down to less than an inch all over, for a clean-shaven makeover. Hear us out: We think this is probably her best look yet, especially when paired with her bold, charcoal eyeliner. Kristen’s always been one of the cool kids, and this is just further proof that she continues to make a statement wherever she goes. If there’s one person who can pull off such a radical change overnight, it’s her.

Jon Kopaloff

Photo: Getty Images