Idris & Sabrina Elba Expand Their 'Coupledom' Brand Into Skin Care

And no, it’s not just skin care for couples


The couple that does skin care together, stays together. Okay, that’s definitely not a saying, but it seems to be true for actor Idris Elba and his wife, Sabrina, who as of today have officially launched their first skin care brand S’ABLE Labs.

The brainchild from the couple was conceived over the last few years during which Sabrina gave her husband a skin care lesson (or two) as a means of bonding and necessity. “I found myself in the bathroom looking at all these products thinking, what can I use here and which is what,” Idris tells TZR — to which his wife walked him through what he could use and they even discovered products that worked for both of them. “It sort of became this educative process,” says Idris, (a process which Sabrina loved every second of). On top of all of it the couple was in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a project, and the very dry climate brought about dreaded dry skin issues. The results of Idris’ intro to skin care went deeper than just better skin; “when I felt good my skin felt good and I was in a better mood; it just felt good,” he says. And thus a skin care line was born.

­The inaugural collection aims to be the quintessential, simple and effective skin care routine, featuring a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Along with sustainably sourced ingredients, S’ABLE Labs’ product range is packaged from post-consumer materials, with refill options to be introduced in September, and designed using recycled and recyclable materials.

The brand positions itself as a “multifaceted wellbeing initiative driven by purposeful partnership and conscious communities.” S’ABLE Labs makes its debut with three vegan, genderless products featuring responsibly sourced ingredients in collaboration with smallholder farmers around the globe.

When thinking about how they would share their new found love for skin care with the world, the couple was very aware that the market doesn’t necessarily need another celebrity skin care brand. With that in mind, they sought to make the line very personalized to them and their skin care needs as a way to identify and fill a potential gap in the industry. They considered what ingredients would work best for melanated skin, and even how packaging could be conducive to fast-paced routines and products that are made to be shared.

In thinking about consumer consciousness, they sought to create products that people could feel good about purchasing, which to them involves transparent ingredient lists, ethical sourcing, and sustainable packaging. “At the very least, my contribution to skin care for men is to say ‘hey bro, look at what you’re putting on [your skin]’ and if that becomes a consciousness then I feel like our duty is done,” Idris explains.

Another aspect of the line that the Elbas were intentional about including was a tie to both their African cultures. Idris comes from a Ghanaian mother and a Sierra Leonean father so he grew up on West African beauty rituals, similarly, Sabrina being of Somalian descent is familiar with East African beauty ingredients. “I grew up watching my mother mix up various lotions and masks, indulging her skin with techniques and ingredients that had been passed down from generation to generation,” Idris tells TZR. “I wanted to incorporate some of this knowledge into our skin care range, which we hope to expand in the future.” Sabrina has fond memories of sitting under a Baobab tree with her mother who shared all the superfood ingredient’s various benefits with her. The line’s cleanser features Qusil, a popular East African ingredient known to gently exfoliate for smooth skin. The moisturizer includes Baobab seed and shea butter — a perfect blend of the couple’s two cultures.

Ahead, get a closer look at S’ABLE Labs’ first three products, ranging from $30 to $56.

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