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The Hydrating Lipsticks I Turn To For An Effortless Everyday Look

My holy grail beauty product.

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I have never been much of a morning person — embracing the snooze button is practically a sport for me. I’ll hit it at least five times before mustering up the strength to drag myself out of bed. With my precious AM minutes ticking away, my beauty routine needs to be snappy, which is why I’ve mastered an easy five-minute makeup routine that gets me through most days. But the most important step in that quick, on-the-go regimen — the one step I’ll never skip — is the finishing touch of a hydrating lipstick to complete the look. A beautiful pop of color on your lips has the magical ability to awaken your face and create an instant sense of polish. And a mere swipe or two is all it takes to elevate your everyday appearance effortlessly.

Lipstick has been my beauty essential since I first started wearing makeup. If I was stranded on a desert island and could have one makeup product with me, lipstick would unquestionably be my ride-or-die. It’s reached the point where even when I’m alone at my desk while working from home, I’ll continue to apply one all day in place of lip balm because that small dose of color boosts my confidence so much. Amidst the myriad of formulas available, I gravitate towards creamy options for a glowy and natural finish, reserving mattes and bold stains for those nights when I decide to dial up the drama. The key is finding a daily lipstick that seamlessly combines lasting comfort with color payoff, together creating a dewy, just-been-kissed effect.

Because lipstick has been a long-time love of mine, I have tested countless brands and products. Among the options, these eight are the ones I constantly keep stocked in my makeup bag. They keep my lips nourished and lush throughout the day, and look absolutely gorgeous on.

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