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I Got A $200 Butt Facial & Have Never Felt More Like A Celebrity

The insider secret to Hollywood-worthy bums.

by Natasha Marsh
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butt facial woman in bikini

Standing Appointment is our review series that investigates the best new and notable cosmetic procedures in the aesthetics space and determines whether or not they are worth trying for yourself. This week, our beauty writer tried a HydraBooty Facial.

There are a whole host of ways to achieve the “perfect” butt. You could get a Brazilian Butt Lift or add squats to your routine to get a lifted and rounded tush. Work in firming creams, oils, and exfoliants to try to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. But did you know you could also get a facial for a smoother, tighter, and acne-free butt? Yeah, neither did I. However, according to Tiffany Minar, California-based esthetician, they are more common than you and I might think. With the #belfie (butt selfie phenomenon) trending, butt facials aim to refine and smooth the skin, treat breakouts, address uneven skin tone, and improve the general appearance of your derrière.

As a facial fanatic, trying everything from Face Gym workouts, Rihanna’s beloved Red Carpet Facial, and the chic Geneo 3-in-1-facial, I was very enticed to hear the same glowing and skin-tightening benefits I received on my face could also occur on my butt. Plus, as a writer whose bum is smooshed into a chair for eight to 10 hours a day, I excitedly booked an appointment to see Minar for the 30-minute HydraBooty facial, by popular treatment company, Hydrafacial. Ahead, my journey and all the benefits I experienced post-butt facial. Spoiler alert: The pain-free treatment is worth every penny.

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What Is A HydraBooty Facial?

“HydraBooty is a Hydrafacial treatment experience designed for women and men seeking improvement of the skin on their derrière,” says Jwala Karnik, executive vice president of global strategy and partnerships at Hydrafacial. As surprising as it was to hear butt facials were a thing, they actually have the same steps of a typical facial: double cleanse, exfoliation, baby peels, extractions, and serums. According to Karnik, HydraBooty has simplified the steps into a 30-minute treatment via three stages: purify, nourish, and protect, which utilize the same patented vortex technology in Hydrafacial to simultaneously exfoliate and nourish the skin, create an instant glow, and improve overall skin health.

“The magic of a Hydrafacial is in the wand paired with a HydroPeel Tip,” Karnik continues. “When combined, they activate the Vortex Technology to open pores for a deep cleanse and easy extraction of impurities and dead skin cells.”

What Happens At A HydraBooty Appointment?

My rear-end treatment began with a healthcare questionnaire — a standard first step in most beauty services — to determine if I was a good candidate for the facial. “Patients with active lesions, very recent surgeries, or contraindications noted by physicians should avoid HydraBooty until released by their physician,” Karnik tells TZR. As long as you don’t fall into any of those categories, HydraBooty does not discriminate against skin tone, texture, or age. Next, Minar stepped out of the room while I took my pants off and laid thong-up (required undergarment so the facial can be performed on the entire butt) on the table as instructed.

Then, the first official step in the treatment: purify. With gloved hands, Minar lightly exfoliated with the disposable Blue HydroPeel Tip and spread a lactic acid cleanser all over for chemical exfoliation to loosen up and remove any built-up debris in the pores. “Two passes at this step are performed to ensure the skin is properly cleansed and responding well to the treatment,” Karnik shares. Next, the Hydrafacial GlySal peel with the Teal HydroPeel Tip is applied over the entire treatment area for a mild chemical exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, increase cellular turnover, and clear congested pores. At this point, extractions are made as needed with the same Teal HydroPeel Tip.

The second step in the process is the nourish phase, where the Hydrafacialist selects one of 15+ super serum boosters to spot treat concern or congested areas via the Clear HydroPeel Tip. Minar used the Hydrafacial Trihex Pro Skin Booster serum on me to improve overall smoothness. Red or blue LED light therapy is then incorporated to optimize skin function, reduce inflammation, and rejuvenate the skin. “Red LED light stimulates collagen and Blue LED light kills acne and bacteria,” said Karnik. Because my skin was blemish free, Minar integrated red LED light for eight minutes to help improve the elasticity of my skin.

Lastly, the protect stage. The Clear HydroPeel Tip is used with the booster to hydrate and protect the skin, ensuring everything is properly nourished for a radiant glow. In many cases, the Hydrafacialist may finish with a moisturizer and recommend products to use at home to maintain your results. Once you step off the bed-like chair, you are able to visibly see all the debris and dead skin cells from the treatment as they are pulled into a canister for disposal.

What Are The Benefits Of HydraBooty?

The biggest benefit of a HydraBooty is the acne treatment. In case you aren’t aware, when hair follicles become clogged and infected with bacteria, acne forms. Although more common on the face, acne can also occur on the bum where bacteria has a better chance of growing, and since it’s an area that is often forgotten in daily skin care routines. Tight clothing, sweat, lack of exfoliating and cleansing can exacerbate butt acne, causing rough texture, bumps, and pigmentation. HydraBooty goes in to exfoliate and hydrate the derrière of dead skin cells that could be causing build up and clear the pores of any bacteria. The result is smoother and exfoliated skin.

Not to mention, with over 15 boosters to choose from, the treatment is entirely customizable to address whatever skin concerns (acne, uneven skin tone, bumps, and scars) you might have.

The Results After My HydraBooty Facial

Unsurprisingly, the whole process is somewhat awkward as someone is literally inspecting and treating your backside, but once I got over the slight intrusion, it felt just as pampering as a medical pedicure, cult-worthy massage, or any other beauty service. In fact, I literally fell asleep towards the end of the service.

Immediately after the treatment, my backside felt extremely smooth and even lifted. I didn't have any bumps or roughness and my skin looked moisturized and glowy. The dimples and visible cellulite weren’t as visible and my butt looked more plump. Oddly enough, my pants even appeared to fit better due to the decreased inflammation.

Is A Butt Facial Worth It?

There is nothing wrong with a little TLC for an acne-free, tighter, and smoother derriere. However, with a recommendation for monthly visits, is it worth the $200 price tag? For my current travel schedule every few weeks, it makes a lot of sense to have my rear end in the best shape possible. Plus, with more and more swimwear trends leaning into less coverage, it could be the service to indulge in to feel extra photo ready. At the end of the day, skin is skin — regardless of where it is on your body, so why wouldn’t you give your rear end the same attention and care as your face?