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This 3-in-1 Facial Gave Me A Flawless Vacation Glow For Two Weeks

Luxury at its finest.

by Natasha Marsh
Natasha Marsh
natasha post-facial

During a trip to Miami recently, my skin did not enjoy the humidity, sweating, and lack of water intake. It also didn’t help that I forgot my skin care bag (housing my cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, and serums) at home and decided winging it couldn’t be so bad. Mistake number one. On day four of my trip, the rosacea on my cheeks that usually appears in the morning only found its way into the night; and I developed a blemish above my lip and on my forehead. Typically, I’d wait for these things to naturally disappear but because I was there celebrating my birthday, I desperately searched for a solution for clear skin and came across the Geneo 3-in-1 Super Facial at Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa.

After some digging, I discovered Eau Palm Beach was the first location on the East Coast to get the machine (originating in Canada), and the exclusivity alone piqued my interest. After contacting the spa team, I was told I would be the first person in the East Coast to try the facial. Beaming with excitement at the chance to experience this innovative treatment, I scheduled my appointment and anticipated the glowing results to come.

Ahead, the full breakdown on the buzzy facial, all the benefits of an Geneo treatment, how much it costs, and more.

What Is An Geneo 3-in-1 Facial?

Developed in Canada and inspired by the invigorating and therapeutic effects of hot springs, Geneo looks to enrich the skin with oxygen from within the body, while simultaneously exfoliating dead skin and infusing healing ingredients for maximum results. The entire process is done in three steps: exfoliation, oxygenation, and nourishing (more on this later.)

What Happens At An Geneo Appointment?

It’s hard to depict the luxuriousness of this facial without speaking about the five star hotel in which it’s located. Situated on Florida’s gold coast with ocean front rooms and multiple areas to relax in, the oasis was the most peaceful I’ve felt in 2022. From knowing my name at check in, to the welcome gift at my door, or the countless dietary adjustments they made for me — the personalization at this resort is next level and that carried through to their spa.

Courtesy of Natasha Marsh

The model at Eau Spa is, ‘Pause. Play. Perfect,” which becomes apparent the moment you walk in. Upon checking in at the spa, the host takes you to the wishing well where you are invited to make a wish on a tea light candle and set it free in the water. Next, you walk to your room where your therapist will go over your skin concerns, goals, and current medication you are on. “We start by asking the guests if they are pregnant, nursing, under age 18, or have metal implants or pacemakers,” Alison Kirsten, spa director for Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa. “Because we work with electricity (Red Light Therapy and Ultrasound), it’s important to know this information.”

Once your skin and health history is discussed, it’s time for the actual service. Geneo has three steps: exfoliate, oxygenate, and nourish. In the exfoliation phase, it sloughs away dead skin cells and then oxygenates the skin tissue by infusing active ingredients — kojic acid and vitamin C for even skin tone and opuntia fruit extract and carrot extract for moisturizing and smoothing the skin — into the skin via red light therapy. “The combination of the oxypod [a small capsule of ingredients] and Geneo primer gel triggers the body’s natural process to increase oxygen levels,” Kristen tells TZR. “This prepares the skin for maximum absorption through the rest of the facial treatment.” This type of therapy increases blood flow, stimulates collagen, reduces inflammation and increases the release of adenosine triphosphate — a nucleotide known for anti-aging protection and smoothing of the skin.

Courtesy of Natasha Marsh

Next, ultrasound waves optimally infuse nutrients and active ingredients deep into the skin. “The ultrasound will stimulate micro vibration within the skin offering maximum resistance as a barrier to protect skin,” Kristen continues. The vibration helps to reduce the density of the skin layers, causing small spaces to open between the skin — allowing deeper absorption of serums, nutrients, and vitamins.

To finish, a massage with serum and LED light is executed to reduce inflammation and redness, and increase collagen stimulation, then a layer of SPF moisturizer.

Post treatment, the spa invites all guests to relax in the sauna, jacuzzi, and steam room. All fabulous amenities, but my favorite post-facial ritual was the self-center garden that has multiple swings over the reflection pond. You can swing, bask in the sun, or read a book, while employees offer you champagne and cupcakes — talk about decadent pampering from start to finish.

Courtesy of Eau Palm Beach Spa and Resort

What Are The Added Benefits Of The Geneo 3-in-1 Facial?

Admittedly, when I first got in the room, the actual machine looked a lot like Hydrafacial, the popular facial treatment that utilizes a suction wand to remove excess oils and skin debris. However, Kirsten explained the significant difference between the two. “Not only does Geneo provide deeper penetration through cleansing, but it is more customizable for individual skin,” the expert says. Essentially, Geneo has six treatments — balance, revive, illuminate, hydrate, detox, and glam — all touching on the most important tenets of face rehab: exfoliation, oxygenation, and nourishment.

As a vegetarian and conscious consumer, I love that Geneo is 100 percent vegan. Plus, in addition to sending nutrients and vitamins to the skin, it also increases oxygen, promoting a healthy glow. The new facial also claims to help with wrinkles, sun and age spots, and fine lines or scars. My therapist even said the scar on my forehead from chicken pox looked less deep thanks to the ultrasound portion. But best of all, Oygeneo leads to better absorption of products — making any at-home skin care routine more effective and your skin extra dewy.

My Results

Sure, this experience has a higher price tag ($365 for a facial) than the average drugstore product, but after receiving two treatments in the past six months, I can say with confidence it is absolutely worth it. In fact, I receive compliments on my skin up until two weeks later.

Courtesy of Natasha Marsh

I started with rosy, irritated cheeks and by step two, oxygenate, I was amazed that the redness was completely gone. My skin texture was smoother as well, but the sunkissed vacation glow that I had afterwards and two weeks later was something I’ve never experienced after a treatment. Each day I could get away with a gentle cleanser and moisturizer and have radiant skin all day long.

Courtesy of Natasha Marsh

Final Thoughts

I am a sucker for a luxurious body or skin care treatment, and luckily, due to the nature of my job, they happen often. Over the years I’ve enjoyed scalp facials that cleanse, stimulate, and hydrate my hair. I’ve had a red carpet facial, beloved by Rihanna and other A-listers, that helped contour and sculpt my face. I’ve even sat in a compression suit followed by a seaweed wrap to help boost the circulation and diminish scars on my body. All this to say, I know a good treatment when I see one and can say with confidence that Geneo 3-in-1 facial produces flawless results you simply can’t get from an at-home routine.