How To Make Temporary Hair Color Last Longer, According To The Pros

Keep those rainbow locks going strong.

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How to make temporary hair color last longer and look brighter.
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The fact that temporary hair color is, well, temporary is right there in the name. Barring rare circumstances, your non-permanent hair dye just won’t last forever, no matter what you do. That said, there are expert tips on how to make temporary hair color last longer, so you can get the most mileage per jar. “How long your color lasts directly depends on how you care for it,” says LA hairstylist Megan Schipani.

According to the pro, you should always wash your hair with cold water — “I know it's not fun but it is the most important tip” — and limit how often you wash in general. “I recommend one to two times a week at the most, especially for curly or textured hair because it generally lacks moisture and washing too frequently just strips the natural oils ever further,” Schipani explains. When you do wash, use color-depositing formulas or sulfate-free and color-safe shampoos, co-washes, and conditioners. “For curly and textured hair that may be craving extra moisture, you can rinse 60% to 80% of the conditioner out and leave the rest in for an extra kick of moisture and repair and then style as usual,” Schipani recommends.

It also matters how you apply the dye, and which one you use — a spray-on hair tint applied to naturally dark hair isn’t going to last as long as a semi-permanent dye on top of blonde hair, for example. Below, read on to shop some of the best products for making temporary hair colors last, as well as more hairstylist tips.

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