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9 Holographic Nail Ideas For An Out-Of-This-World Start To The New Year

Hit 2023 out of the park.

by Natasha Marsh
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Hypnotizing, iridescent, holographic nails have blown up on social media this winter, and are still going strong in the new year. The biggest selling point of this design is its versatility — it works with any color, accent, and nail shape. Ahead, nine entrancing holographic nail ideas to try now.

Modern French

No shade to a classic white tip French manicure, but if you want to start 2023 with a bang, try this holographic version. Using nail stickers, simply affix one to the top of each nail and it file down to fit your shape.

Flame Love

Set fire to a powerful 2023 with these flame holographic nails. If doing this design at home, don’t forget to finish with a top coat for a long-lasting manicure.

Chrome French Hybrid

When you can’t decide what nail trend to focus on, don’t. Instead, incorporate as many designs into your look as you want. Take this eye-catching chrome, French, holographic hybrid manicure, for example.

Abstract Frenzy

Whether you enjoy 3D embellishments, chaotic dots, mix-and-matched prints, shapes, and negative space, abstract nails are a great way to show all your favorite designs off. Add in a holographic touch and you’ll be ready for 2023.

Purple Shimmer

Purple holographic nails will help you shine bright this year. For a great DIY experience, be sure to polish nails with a base coat to completely secure the holographic powder.

Classics Rule

Although nail art is playful and intricate, there’s no denying the flawless power of a single polish manicure. To upgrade a classic manicure, adding a pop of pink holographic powder will really turn heads.

Party On

This disco ball-inspired manicure has 2023 splashed all over it. Be sure to secure all 3D embellishments with plenty of nail glue and top coats to ensure this lasts past the first few days of the year.

Glitter Galore

A little sparkle is always a good idea — even after New Year’s Eve. For those that like opaque glitter nails, paint on three coats of polish and seal it with a shiny top coat.

Vibrant Accents

If you take a less is more approach with nail art and don’t want holographic paint all over the nails, go for a simple yet bold accent, allowing you the best of both worlds.


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