Celebrities Love A Glittery Nail Look — In *Every* Possible Way

All glitter everything.


Despite its eye-catching finish, glitter is surprisingly versatile — especially incorporated into a manicure. Whether fully-coated and shining bright or a more subtle touch as part of low-key nail art, celebrity glitter nails are some of the most exciting manicures to come out of Hollywood.

Selena Gomez

In this pretty, muted shade of rose-gold, Selena Gomez’s pink glitter manicure falls firmly on the more restrained end of the spectrum. Applied over her own natural, softly rounded nails, it helps enhance a look rather than taking center stage itself.

Hailey Bieber

Some of the best glitter manicures use the sparkle and shimmer as a backdrop rather than the starring element. In the case of Hailey Bieber’s Valentine’s Day nail art look, the silver spangles are a perfect canvas for the smattering of candy-pink painted-on hearts.


Lizzo’s baby blue glitter nails are beyond trendy thanks to the long, icicle-sharp shape, called “stiletto nails.” The light shade is ideal for maximizing the glitter’s sparkle, reflecting the light for even more shimmer and shine — especially next to her brown glitter lipstick.

Lily Allen

Glitter ombré nails are having a serious moment right now, and Lily Allen seems to agree. Her own gold ombré manicure is square-shaped, with the champagne-colored glitter concentrated and the tips blended out for a sparkly, faded effect.


Thanks to a glossy dusting of opaque gold glitter, H.E.R.’s natural oval manicure is at once elegant and more than a little whimsical. They would look perfect, say, holding a coveted, well-deserved gold statue, no?

Vanessa Hudgens

Brown nails are one of 2022’s biggest beauty trends — combine it with glitter and a cool-girl square shape, like Vanessa Hudgens did on the red carpet, and you have a surefire head-turner. Hudgens’ sparkly brown manicure is an all-time great.

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images
Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa’s nearly as known for her ever-changing manicures as she is for her dancefloor-packing albums. For a talk show in 2020, she went for a silvery chrome glitter set that combined shimmer with crystals for a truly memorable nail look.

Hailee Steinfeld

Birthday? Big life event? Holiday party? Just save yourself the trouble and go for glitter, like Hailee Steinfeld did for her December birthday. She combined an outfit-matching gold glitter with white French tip outlines for a creative take on the classic manicure.

Tia Mowry

Tia Mowry is the queen of micro French tips, but they look even cooler accented by a stripe of glitter. By keeping the sparkly bronzy tips so thin, Mowry’s manicure is subtle and sophisticated but still eye-catching and tons of fun.

Daisy Ridley

Most consider minimalism and glitter to be mutually exclusive, but 2021 TZR cover star Daisy Ridley proved everyone wrong with the simplest — but cutest — take on the trend. With each of her natural nails half-outlined by a trail of glitter sequins, they’re a delightful, blink-and-miss it detail.

Lana Condor

Gen Z screen queen Lana Condor has millions of Instagram fans perpetually waiting for her next greatest manicure, which seems to arrive without fail every week. For an amFAR event, Condor got creative with a reverse half-moon mani featuring a glitter silver shade arching over her cuticles.


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