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10 Products I’m Using To Style My Hair Sans Heat This Summer

So long, breakage.

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images
heat-free hair products
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This year I’m embarking on my second heat-free summer. For the next few months, I’m trading my blowouts and hot tools for braids and other natural styles. The first time around, it was totally out of necessity. Last summer, most of my life – including my blow dryer and flat iron – had been packed away into storage until I moved into my next apartment. So, I had to get creative with my looks.

Reader, I did not in fact get creative. Instead I leaned into buns – hard. If my hair wasn’t in a protective style, I was almost certainly rocking a slicked-down chignon or throwing my favorite trucker hat on top of the updo. Though I do love a bun moment, this time around I’m determined to not only skip hot tools, but do less manipulation to my curls because it creates unnecessary tension and breakage, especially as I continue to dye my hair.

I kicked off the season with a simple set of stitch braids — six straight backs that end in mini buns and one squiggle part. Later this summer I’d like to try soft locs for the first time since I DIY’d them at the onset of the pandemic. In the time between, I’ll be using YouTube tutorials to guide me back into my wash-and-go bag. As I continue to find my footing, get into the products, tools, and accessories I’ll be using.