10 Chic Ways To Style Short Natural Hair This Summer

Bonus: These looks take less than 10 minutes.

by Natasha Marsh
As amazing and reliable as protective styles and puff buns are in the summer, your repertoire of natural hairstyles doesn’t have to end there. There are many other styles to try that will complement summer nails and triple digit temps. Ahead, 10 playful summer hairstyles for short natural hair.@vernonfrancis
’90s High Shine Pixie

Between butterfly clips, face-framing braids, and hair claws, Y2K hair trends are in full swing. Next up: the ’90s pixie. Worn either straight or in your natural texture, make sure you have a good shine spray to display a freshly out-of-the-salon look.

Crown Bun

The trick with a crown bun is to gather your natural hair into two large braids that can wrap around the perimeter of your head, separated by a path. For added glam, weave in a metallic hair accessory.


Summer is a time for friends and family, so what better way to approach your hair than to wash it and go about your day? Invest in a good twist cream and twist or finger-curl hair in sections. Hint: Start with more sections for more voluminous coils and curls.

Sleek Bob

When the temps pass 85 degrees, there’s nothing more chic than a sleek bob. A smooth finish is all in the prep. Make sure to work in a heat protectant to avoid damage and a leave-in or hair serum to prevent flyaways.

Shaved Faux Hawk

Worn straight or curly, a voluminous shaved faux hawk is one of the biggest statement hairstyles you could make this summer. To style this look, make sure you smooth your baby hairs down with an edge styler and lightly spray in hairspray for the longer hair to stay in place.


One of the most playful way to toss up curls and coils, the pineapple updo has been trending for many seasons. The fuss-free style is easily done by throwing your head forward, gathering the hair, and tying it in a voluminous high ponytail.

Top Knot

Top knots work great for all occasions: work meetings, brunch, and errands. To recreate, saturate hair with a leave-in conditioner for an easy detangle and brush hair up. After you tie the hair in a ponytail at the crown, twist the hair and wrap it around to create a tight bun.

Embellished Cornrows

Cornrows are one of the easiest and most versatile braiding styles. Make sure you plait in an underhanded direction so the brands will pop off the head. Depending on your length, the process can be done in 15 minutes or less.

Twist Out

With summer comes heat and humidity. Take time to embrace your natural texture and give it some extra TLC with protective styles like a twist out. To achieve at home, grab your favorite hydrating curl pudding and rake into hair from root to end. Twist in two strands or three.

Smooth Buzz

If you’re considering a more drastic transformation for summer, think about a buzz cut. It is striking style that will bring out your bone structure and will significantly cut down on your daily maintenance as it really just requires a pomade.


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