8 Shiny Hair Products That Won’t Leave Your Strands Greasy


Your skincare routine has serums to ease wrinkles, diminish damage, and to prevent aging and other signs of wear on the skin — and your hair also has serums and sprays that help to keep your hair looking its best, too. And the newest shiny hair products help to calm frizz, fight humidity, and, of course, provide optimal shine when styling your hair.

To find the right one for your hair, first, do some digging on what's actually causing it to look dry, which is the main culprit of dullness, Ryan Kazmarek, a celebrity hairstylist who works with Lorde and Georgia Fowler, tells TZR. "A lot of serums have special ingredients that combat specific problems, whether it’s stressed from color or brittle from the sun. [You'll want] a product that has antioxidants and fatty acids to penetrate the cuticle."

Hair texture also tops the list on important factors to consider; after all, a woman with straight, unprocessed hair won't need as much hydration as say, a women with 4C curls who colors hers regularly.

"If you have frizz-prone hair [or] coarse texture, look for a serum that touts a gel oil texture to tame frizz and offer superior smoothness," says Mark DeBolt, hair colorist at Marie Robinson Salon in New York City. "For finer hair types, look for a product that includes the word 'light' or emphasizes nourishment without weighing the hair down."

But beware — sometimes these shine enhancers can make hair look greasy or feel weighed down. To prevent your tresses from soaking up too much of the product, "start with a dime-sized amount in your hand. Then, rub your hands together and start applying on your ends and work your way up you can do this on wet or dry hair," says Stephanie Brown, a colorist at New York City's IGK Soho salon.

Ahead, shop eight new oils, serums, and finishing sprays to make your hair shine to the high heavens.