Hailey Bieber’s Makeup Artist Spills How The Model Achieves Her Dewy Skin

Learn how she gets her glow.

Denika Bedrossian on Instagram

You might scroll through Hailey Bieber’s Instagram page to get a sneak peek into her life with her famous musician husband, or perhaps to drool over her ultra-trendy Bottega Veneta ensembles styled by Maeve Reilly. But, it’s her stunning complexion that deserves a standing ovation. If you’ve always wondered how she achieves her dewy finish, you’re in luck: Bieber’s makeup artist Denika Bedrossian (aka, @dendoll on Instagram), spills the 24-year-old model’s glowing skin tips.

Of course, a solid canvas is important for any makeup artist to work on, and Bieber’s couldn’t be better. In addition to good genes, the face of bareMinerals takes her skin care routine very seriously. “She's probably one of my only clients that [takes care of her skin], and is so diligent about it,” Bedrossian saysto TZR. “She knows more about skin care than anyone I know, including myself. She’s so knowledgeable about ingredients and how they work.” So, when it comes to makeup, Bedrossian doesn’t tend to overload products on the model. “I like to let her own skin and beauty shine through,” she explains. “I think her skin speaks for itself.”

Below, learn exactly how Bedrossian works her magic on Bieber’s skin. And, of course, shop the products she uses so you can try her routine at home.

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Prep The Skin

Once Bieber is in the makeup chair and ready to go, the first thing Bedrossian does is wake up her skin using Foreo’s Iris eye massager. “Basically, what it does is it activates the blood and takes any swelling away,” the makeup artist explains. “So I like to sit there and massage under her eyes, and then I’ll go down through her laugh lines and under the neck.”

As it turns out, Bedrossian isn’t a huge fan of primers, especially on Bieber. “[When I work on] really healthy good skin, typically I don’t like to put primer on, because you don’t need to add so many additional layers,” she explains. However, if the model is walking a red carpet or has to be on camera all day, Bedrossian will apply Mally’s Evercolor Poreless Face Defender. “It’s this amazing gel that you can put on before or after makeup, and it will just smooth the skin out so whatever you put on top of it is really smooth,” the makeup artist says. You can just apply it before foundation, but Bedrossian says if someone is really oily or has texture on their skin, she suggests using it before and after.

Lightweight Foundation & Concelear

“She doesn't need a lot of coverage, which is why I love using the bareMinerals Original Liquid Mineral Foundation,” Bedrossian says. Believe it or not, the best way to apply the foundation is with your fingers. “Pump some on the back of your hand, dot it in the areas where you need coverage, and then you’re just going to sweep it and press it in.” According to Bedrossian, the warmth of your fingers makes this foundation look like second skin.

The makeup artist then pairs the foundation with the brand’s Original Liquid Mineral Concealer. “This is our duo for good skin,” she says. “On days where I know she doesn’t want to wear a lot of makeup, I can always just use this as spot treatments.”

Cream Over Powder

Because Bieber has such incredible skin, Bedrossian prefers to use a cream bronzer and highlighter over a powder formula as they appear a bit more natural. For highlighter, she’ll grab Charlotte Tilbury’s Beauty Highlighter Wand and apply it with her fingers. “It’s so pretty and you can blend it out really nicely,” she says.

Next up, Bedrossian will swipe on Chanel’s Les Beige Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream to warm up the skin. “I’ll use an angled fluffy brush to buff it in really well so there are no sharp lines anywhere.”

Lightly Dust On Powder

“Powder is such a tricky thing,” Bedrossian notes. “Especially nowadays, powdery skin is not the look.” That being said, she’s been reaching for bareMinerals’ new Original Mineral Veil Pressed Setting Powder (launching on June 24!). “This isn’t considered a powder-powder,” she says. “I would call it more of a filtered powder — it’s going to give you more of a velvety finish almost like you’re wearing a filter all the time.”

In fact, the product doesn't contain any talc. Instead, it’s formulated with cocoa and shea butter, which helps to avoid a dry appearance on the skin. Bedrossian only applies the powder in areas where Bieber needs it, such as the t-zone and around the nose. “I’d rather touch up with this later in the day than apply a heavy powder to begin with,” she explains.

Lock It All In

“On days where it’s a big carpet and we want to make sure everything is locked in really well, of course, a setting spray is great,” Bedrossian says. But day to day, she doesn’t always use one. Rather, she’ll lightly spritz on Sonia Dakar’s Rubica Hydrating Toner, which is infused with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. “Hailey loves hyaluronic acid — that’s one of her favorite beauty items that she really believes in,” Bedrossian explains. The makeup artist says the mist works to add moisture back into the skin. “It’s a nice alternative to using a heavy setting spray that might make you feel heavy throughout the day.”