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Green Nails Are Everywhere Right Now, But These Shades Really Stand Out

The options are endless.

green nail polish

No matter the time of year, few colors are as evocative as green — in any shade, really. Traditionally, it symbolizes growth, harmony, nature, and new beginnings, and is even said to attract luck. With spring in full swing and a hot, exciting summer ahead, it’s no wonder everyone — celebrities and stylish civilians alike — are indulging in the palette. But one of the best things about green nail ideas are all the extreme, varied forms they take. There are the more earth-inspired looks, usually utilizing a leafy or floral motif with brown-toned shades. There are the electric, delightfully neon designs perfect for more self-expressive moments, along with plenty of more low-key, demure styles for a neutral feel. The common thread, though, is how truly individual every type of green manicure feels.

Opt for a back-to-nature moment with a simple coating of dusty sage-green — a favorite of stars like Jodie Turner-Smith and Kendall Jenner — over short, natural nails, or make it a bit moodier by going for a deep shade of lead- or blue-toned goblet color. For the more opulent, there’s no denying the power of combined green and gold, a complementary classic that sparkles both in the sun and under neon signs. So many of the coolest manicure trends of the moment swirl several shades together for a totally unique design, perfect for non-committal types and maximalists alike.

Ahead, get inspired by some of the best green nail ideas of the moment.

Gold-Flecked Green Nails


Yellow and green, complementary on the color wheel, amplify each other to be bolder and brighter than they would be individually. But when translated into gold leaf carefully inlaid over green French tips? It’s the manicure equivalent of a statement dress.

Intergalactic Green


For a futuristic feel, you can’t go wrong with an otherworldly shade of alien-green. The sponge-style blending that mixes it with a matte gray-blue would been space-themed enough on it’s own, but it’s taken to another level with the 3D droplets of chrome quicksilver, like liquid mercury dotting your nailbeds.

Slime-Green Swirl Nails


Remember the absolute grip swirl-design nails had on everyone back in 2020? They’re back for spring and summer, and made all the more stylish with two contrasting shades of electric green polish. These tones are often referred to as “Gen Z green” — a counterpart to Millennial Pink — thanks to its popularity with the younger crowd.

Green Chrome-Tipped Nails


Combine two beloved trends and you’re guaranteed a hit manicure. Chrome finishes still rage on in popularity, as do French tips of all types. This look fuses both for a cheerful, wonderfully metallic take on the traditional manicure, swapping out the usual pink-and-white for snake-green and tons of shine.

Spangly Star Nails


Green doesn’t always have to be the star of the show — sometimes, it’s just as effective as a background color. For this star-spangled manicure, a yellow-toned shade of forest makes the silver gemstones and sparkly star patterns really pop.

Abstract Aloe Vera Nails


Artsy types and minimalists know an abstract, negative space-focused manicure is always a good idea. Especially when working with an eye-grabbing shade — like this cool, luminous aloe vera — is even cooler when used sparingly.

Sage Green Nails


Sage has been everywhere for a while now. It’s regularly used in home decor and in fashion, but the easiest way to incorporate the color is through your manicure. This soft, dusty shade of sage feels just as cheerful as a yellow, but infused with an undercurrent of cool.

Jade Cat-Eye Nails


One of the most underrated ways to amp up a solid-colored manicure is through texture. Cat-eye nails are shockingly simple to recreate with the help of metal flake-filled nail polish and a magnet. The result is a velvety, sparkly look that you can’t help but admire all day long.

Lagoon-Colored Aura Nails


Another trend still going strong? Aura nails. They’re so endlessly customizable that it’s easy to see why. Get your aura colors read for real and translate them into a manicure, or just pick out a favorite palette and fun matching polishes.

Goblet Green Nails


A deep blue-green might not seem like the most obvious choice for warm weather, but it’s actually pretty seasonal. The color of water in a shaded cove, it amplifies shine and looks extra-glossy on nails.