35 Fascinating Beauty Tools & Devices You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

New ideas to add to your collection.

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The gua sha stone is a fascinating beauty tool to help refine pores and calm the skin.

Scroll through TikTok or Instagram at any time of day and you're likely to come across at least one person who's rolling an oddly shaped tool around their face or posing with a slightly terrifying LED mask. In fact, one could say fascinating beauty tools and devices are one of the beauty world's biggest trends right now — they've practically become a phenomenon overnight.

And with good reason: Not only are they fun to use (and post about, obviously), but they often offer new solutions you may not have known about or ways to get in-office treatments and results from the comfort of your home. They also range across categories, so there are tools to help depuff your face, smooth out the skin on your body, reach that last little bit of makeup in your almost-empty bottle, and even help your shampoo lather better.

According to Dr. Neil Sadick of Sadick Dermatology in New York, some of the seemingly quirky facial tools on the market right now can actually be beneficial additions to your beauty routine. “With at-home devices that are FDA-approved, patients will definitely experience some beneficial effects,” Dr. Sadick previously told TZR.

While these tools can certainly act as a buffer between visits to your dermatologist or esthetician, Dr. Sadick notes that nothing can replace in-person sessions with professionals. And when you do choose to use beauty tools, make sure to only use the legit ones. “There are risks with every device, be it at home or in the office,” he said. “Stick to brands that have a good reputation, devices that are FDA-approved, and follow instructions on how to use each device vigilantly.”

While some may have already been on your radar for a while, the extent of the offerings is massive — so even if you consider yourself a master in all things beauty tools and devices, there are sure to be some you haven't yet discovered in the list below. So without further ado, keep scrolling — 35 fascinating products are ahead.

We only include products that have been independently selected by The Zoe Report's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

This Multipurpose At-Home Facial Tool

This revolutionary gadget adds another layer of luxury to at-home facials. It's designed to release tension, aid in lymphatic drainage, and boost circulation, ultimately leaving your skin soothed, energized, and plumped. You can use it on bare skin but it works even better with product.

A Soothing Eye Mask

Pop this handwoven mask made of rose quartz glass in the fridge, then lie back and let it take your under eye puffiness away. You can use it as a relaxation tool during yoga and meditation classes.

A High-Tech Lip Plumper

You've tried every plumping cream, balm, roller, and gloss on the market, but have you tried plumping lips using smart pulsating vacuum technology? This kit aims to increase firmness and elasticity while creating a fuller-looking pout.

Cryotherapy Freeze Wands

Somewhere between $150 cryo facials and the spoons in your freezer are these stainless steel massage wands. Simply chill them and roll the globes on your skin, starting in the middle of the forehead, out towards the temples, and under the eyes to firm, tighten, and relieve inflammation.

An Alternative To Pricey Microneedling

The secret behind Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts, and Demi Moore's coveted glow is not cheap. You can, however, get a similar effect at home (and safely!) with this at-home microneedling tool, which targets uneven texture, fine lines, and acne scars.

Workout Equipment For Your Face

Run this surgical-grade steel roller over your face for 30 seconds a day to improve elasticity, release muscle tension, boost circulation, and support lymphatic drainage, leaving you with tighter-looking, detoxed skin.

A Face-Friendly Dry Brush

Dry brushing is a tried-and-true exfoliating technique for your body, so why not try it on your face? This mini brush — made with gentle nylon bristles — is the morning ritual you didn't know you needed.

This Mineral-Packed Massage Stone

This seal-shaped massaging stone, containing 40+ healing minerals, has a multitude of uses, according to Wildling co-founder Gianna De La Torre L.Ac. "You can use the rounded end of this tool to massage the tight muscles of the neck, shoulders, and jaw. It is also great for opening the sinus' and relieving tired eyes," she tells TZR. "Releasing tension from tight structures of the face and neck can soften facial features and encourage circulation.”

The Second Best Thing To A Facial

Sarah Chapman is the woman behind Victoria Beckham, Gigi Hadid, and Naomi Watts' skin, but not many outside the celebrity set can afford her $600-plus signature facial. You can, however, mimic it with this funny little contraption, whose rotating heads work to release tension and break down blockage.

A Cleansing Brush With Hidden Talents

Not your typical cleansing brush, this $20 wonder can also exfoliate and moisturize using three specialized heads. Rest assured you'll never want to lather up with your hands again.

A Buzzy Magnetic Face Mask

Despite its hefty price tag, this imaginative magnetic face mask has amassed quite the fan club and too many headlines to count. A combination of futuristic magnetic Montecatini volcanic clay and natural white willow bark makes up the mask, then the Skin Rejuvenator tool pulls it right off with the dirt from your pores, too.

Dermaplaning You Can Do At Home

Dermaplaning is a process in which dead skin cells and hair are skimmed off the face with a blade to help reduce the look of acne scars, eliminate peach fuzz, and free pores of dirt and oil. You would normally need to see a specialist for such a procedure, but not with Tweezerman's DIY-friendly dermaplaner. Don't worry: It's less scary than it looks.

A Device That Reduces Mask Time To 90 Seconds

Everyone loves a face mask, but keeping one on for the recommended 10 or 20 minutes can be a chore. This magical gadget combines heating, cooling, and T-Sonic pulsations to complete the full masking cycle in just 90 seconds. Yes, really.

A Vacuum Tool For Your Pores

What's better for pesky blackheads than clay masks and pore strips? A face-friendly vacuum that straight up suctions the debris right out of your pores, taking them from clogged to squeaky-clean in an instant.

This Professional-Quality Facial Steamer

Dr. Dennis Gross' professional-quality facial steamer will remind you of all the times you stood over a pot of boiling water in high school. After a 10-minute steam session, your complexion will be looking dewier than ever.

A Freezer-Ready Face Roller

A bottle of coconut water, a couple Tylenols, and Skin Gym's Ice Coolie Roller — now that is a hangover kit of champions. Whether it's one too many cocktails or a late night at the office, this freezer-friendly roller will erase all signs of tiredness from under your eyes.

A Body Massager That Tones

If you're a fan of NuFACE's facial devices, you'll love this tool for the body. The NuBODY spherical massager is the first FDA-cleared at-home skin-smoothing device, and it uses microcurrents to help smooth uneven skin.

Facial Rolling On The Go

The wellness ritual of facial rolling has been around for centuries. You've probably heard from your derm that it improves elasticity, relieves puffiness, reduces tension, and helps skin absorb product. Basically, it's skincare 101, and with Herbivore Botanicals' stone roller, you can reap the rewards at home.

A Double-Duty Deep Cleaner & Serum Infuser

Dermaflash's high-tech pore extractor is two tools in one. It uses ultrasonic waves to rid skin of dirt, oil, and grime while infusing it with product at the same time.

DIY Light Therapy Treatment For Acne

It can be soul-sucking to leave the house during a breakout, even if it is just to see a dermatologist. Lightstim's ingenius acne zapper — which uses red and blue LED light to eliminate bacteria and stimulate collagen — will help you combat blemishes from the comfort of your bathroom.

A Fridge For Your Beauty Products

Before you get to the point where half your refrigerator is occupied by food and the other half is occupied by sheet masks, eye creams, jade rollers, and mascara (yes, mascara!), intro this beauty-specific mini fridge to your bathroom setup.

An Exfoliating Face Roller

Think: jade roller, but with exfoliation. Nurse Jamie's Beauty Stamp renews skin with the gentlest micro-exfoliation, ultimately boosting the power of your skincare products.

A Robot Dermatologist

The robots are taking over — including customized skincare. This high-tech device from OPTE analyzes and instantly corrects every inch of your skin to target and treat dark spots, age spots, and sun spots.

This Microdermabrasion Tool Made Of Diamonds

Microdermabrasion never looked so glamorous as it does with this textured tool made of honest-to-god diamonds. Bee Stunning’s simple exfoliating wand will give you endless facials for a flat rate of $60.

The Most Sophisticated Skin Roller You'll Meet

If you know of ReFa, it's probably because you've tried — or your bestie has tried — this widely beloved skin roller. The S Carat utilizes an innovative 360-degree design that works all angles and adapts to various face shapes. What's more, it features a mini solar panel on its handle that transmits light into micro-currents that stimulate circulation.

This Celebrity-Approved LED Mask

Chrissy Teigen recently shared a rather alarming photo of herself wearing this LED mask on her Instagram Story. Created by the celebrity-favorite Light Salon (like a hair salon, but for skin), this silicon mask uses red and near-infrared light to boost hydration and firmness — even if it is a little Friday the 13th.

A Fix For Your Under-Eye Bags

SkinOwl's Beauty Wand is essentially just a rod of white turquoise, which is said to help with stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Use the narrow end of the roller under your eyes to relieve puffiness and the wider end on more resilient parts of your face.

An Exfoliating Hair Remover

The latest in hair removal is a device that not only leaves your skin stubble-free and smooth, but exfoliated, too. A dual-blade precision rotatory system provides a close shave while a polishing head helps remove buildup, leaving skin clean and bright.

This Literal Magic Eraser For Makeup

If you've ever wished there were an "undo" button for liner mishaps or eyeshadow fallout, then this nifty little magic eraser stick is about to become a handbag staple. It literally solubilizes oil-based makeup into water for easy, mess-free removal.

The Key To A Perfect Cat Eye

Eyeliner is the MVP of makeup in 2020. Fine lines, floating creases, and drawn-on lashes: not just the stuff of beauty vlogs and magazines with this pseudo eyeliner stencil. Uneven wings be gone.

A Spatula For Scraping Makeup Containers

You'll be glad you spent $5 on this makeup spatula two-pack when you scrape $20 worth of foundation from the bottom of the bottle. No drop left behind.

A Steamer For Your Hair

Skin isn't the only thing that benefits from steaming. A dose of humidity does wonders for curls and kink-prone coils. Q-Redew's cult-classic hair steamer helps to hydrate, volumize, reshape, condition, and detangle. No product necessary.

A Showerhead Your Hair Will Thank You For

Maybe all those bad hair days of late are a consequence of poor water quality. It doesn't matter how great your products are if the water you shower in is full of harsh chlorine and hydrogen sulfide (sulfur water, in simpler terms). This showerhead takes the toxins out and replaces them with hair-loving minerals.

This Game-Changing Hair Growing Hack

Massaging your scalp helps increase blood flow to your hair follicles, leading to faster growth. A little shower gadget like this makes it easy to lather up those roots, ensuring a thorough shampoo and long, mermaid waves in the future.

Not Your Average Brush Cleaner

If you saw what your hairbrushes are harboring, you might just be inclined to shave your locks off and start fresh. Before you go Mad Max-era Charlize Theron, give your brushes a good clean with this stainless steel mini rake.


Dr. Neil Sadick, founder and president of Sadick Dermatology

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