Farmacy's Honeymoon Glow Body Is Like A Smoothing Masque For Head-To-Toe

And it’s inspired by one of your favorite serums.

Farmacy Honeymoon Glow Body

Glow might just be the ultimate word in beauty, both makeup and skin care. The creams, the lotions, the acids, the serums, essences, and masques — aren’t they all just means to one very glowy end? Glow implies vitality, a fresh-faced radiance that can’t really be faked. But for too long, that radiant light at the end of the tunnel has been reserved for faces only. Farmacy wants to change all of that with the introduction of the Farmacy Honeymoon Glow Body, an entirely new product based on a Farmacy classic that promises to deliver two-in-one hydration and resurfacing for all-over skin that practically begs to be touched. As summer heats up and arms and legs come out on full display, there’s no better time to give your body some of that TLC typically reserved for the chest up.

For those familiar with the Farmacy brand (or even just popular resurfacing products), then you invariably know about the original Honeymoon Glow for facial skin. A top-selling product for the company and its assorted vendors like Sephora, the alpha-hydroxy acid-powered night serum resurfaces, clarifies, and hydrates skin overnight for smooth, soft next-day skin. The long-term effects of skin elasticity and fine line erosion made the product a cult classic, so the introduction of a specially formulated, body-specific version isn’t just a natural addition — it’s a long-anticipated one, too.


“The industry has several body products like butters and lotions that focus soley on hydration,” explains Kseniya Popova, Farmacy’s Director of Research & Development. Through a combination of concentrated AHA and BHA, plus shea butter and ultra-hydrating prickly pear leaf juice, “our goal was to create a product that not only hydrates but also resurfaces and treats the skin.”

Even the particular types of acid ingredients were selected with an end-game in mind. Popova tells TZR that the BHA is 2%, made up entirely of salicylic acid to smooth bumpy skin, like the kind you might get from a breakout or an ingrown hair. That BHA is used in combination with lactic acid, this formula’s AHA, which was chosen for its robust, skin-renewing properties while still being gentle enough for most skin types.


If you’re still relatively new to resurfacing treatments, Popova recommends starting with something of a patch test on rougher, tougher bits of skin like elbows and feet once or twice a week. As your body adjusts to the formula over time, you can start applying the treatment to more exposed areas like shoulders and arms, and the back. You can also increase the frequency with which you use Honeymoon Glow as you build your stamina and comfort with it. “The product can be used both day and night,” Popova adds, “and can also help with clogged pores and ingrown hairs if used a day after a wax or shave.”

After so long inside, it’s no wonder body care is having a moment as everyone returns to social society. It may be because there are suddenly people to interact with and impress again or it may be because a year-plus pandemic pulled into sharp relief just how much the body really does for us (likely a combination of both), but this new body care revolution — a critical but long overlooked piece of the self-care puzzle — is thankfully here to stay.

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