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Quilt Patch Nails Are About To Be Everywhere This Fall

The 8 nail art designs that are taking over Instagram.

by Natasha Marsh
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There are some colors that are quintessentially fall: burgundy, berry, chocolate brown, olive green, and burnt orange — indicative of all the cozy seasonal things like the falling of leaves and apple picking season. Of course, these colors are classic and timeless year after year, but this fall there are also some innovative colors and nail art designs that are set to become the next big thing — just in time for the weather to turn cool.

And rest assured, the classics are still very much present but they have received a fall update, like a French manicure with neon tips or the endless variations on line art. Other out-of-the-box ideas include ombré colors, nail stickers, negative space nails, and sweater inspired designs, all of which can help your seasonal mani become a true accessory to the rest of your fall outfit.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, Instagram is a treasure trove of ideas, ready to be mixed and matched or shine alone. So, if you are in between one or two of the nail art designs below, don’t fret, and go with both! Translation: there are no rules here.

Ahead, discover the eight nail art inspirations set to flood your Instagram feed this fall.

Quilt Patch Nails

When the temperature starts to drop, we tend to take out our warmer bedding to combat the chill, and that is exactly the inspiration behind the quilt patch nail trend. The best thing about this style is that you can use as many colors and shades as you want to create the graphic pattern.

Say Cheese Nails

Smiley faces and emoji nails are still going strong as a cool-girl fave, and it looks even more elegant with almond shaped nails. This one is sure to keep a smile on your fast as you bid adieu to summer.

Ombre Frenzy Nails

Ombre is a great way to make a classic single color nail fresh. It will be the perfect, cozy change for the upcoming season. If you want to try this at home, opt for using makeup sponges to create the marbling effect.

Plaid Attack Nails

Take one out of Cher Horowitz book and match your nails to your favorite sweater with this plaid nail trend. To spice up this manicure, add a tip or a different color base color. If you can’t get to a salon, nail stickers are great to recreate this look with ease!

Tortiseshell Nails

There’s something to be said about the trendy tortoiseshell prints we see on ankle boots, sunglasses, claw clips, and crossbody bags in the fall. Why not keep that same energy with your mani? This speckled caramel design will pair beautifully with your favorite cable knit or sweater this season.

Dotted French Manicure Nails

Yes, the French manicure is here to stay. This rendition with a matching dot base is a great way to transition into fall colors. Plus, the negative space makes nails look extra-long.

Yin Yang Power Nails

With the option to play around with color and design, there’s a lot to like here. With a steady hand, dotting tool, and brush for the swirls, this one can be done at home!

Taste The Rainbow Nails

A sure way to get all your favorite colors in, whether brights or nudes, wear them all! Play around with complimentary shades to up the ante on your seasonal mani.

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