Your At-Home Manicure Game Just Got Stronger Thanks To These Nail Art Stickers

Olive & June / Instagram
Olive & June made '90s nail stickers cool again

How anything can go from being a '90s sleepover staple to an Instagram trend is downright perplexing, but here we are wearing nail stickers in the 21st century. Not only are they blissfully nostalgic — seriously, who couldn't use a night in with Sally Hansen press-ons and a game of Girl Talk right about now? — but they're also perhaps your only hope of achieving salon-quality nail art at home.

As painless as the tutorials try to make it seem, painting constellations onto your nails with a toothpick is no easy feat. Those of us with shaky hands and suboptimal coordination would be resigned to solid color manicures forever if it weren't for the recent revival of nail decals.

You remember the ones your mother now has nightmares about? The ones that were stuck to every piece of furniture in the house after a slumber party. Nail stickers have indeed been around for decades, except now they're being reimagined for adults.

Olive & June can take most of the credit for it. In 2018, the Instagram-favorite salon and nail polish brand introduced peel-and-stick flowers, palm trees, desert critters, hearts, and rainbows that actually looked like they had been hand-painted. Now, the cool girls are devouring them. The best stickers for your next attempt at DIY nail art, ahead.

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Olive & June

Olive & June currently has more than 20 nail art collections on its site and most are available at your nearest Target (for $7.50 at that). Its spring themes include Everyday Bouquet, Butterfly Fantasy, and Tropical Vibes.

Miami Deco

Miami Deco is another vegan, cruelty-free polish brand whose Instagram provides a healthy dose of sticker porn. Its Sugar & Spice sheet is a mixture of sweet florals, edgy lips, and letters.


New York City salon-turned-beloved nail polish brand JINsoon has joined in on the trend with a sparkly rendition. These 3D nail gems will give you one of those popular bejeweled manis without the hassle of glue.


Amazon's top-selling nail decals include a whopping 12 sheets (we're talking more than a thousand stickers) in all sorts of themes: green botanicals, fruits and veggies, succulents, and more.


Korean beauty brand Onnu is serving up so much nail art inspiration on Instagram and making it super accessible, too, via these stick and poke-like stickers.