These New Cloud Decals By Euphoria's Makeup Artist Make It Much Easier To Get The Show's Whimsical Looks

Jules' iconic makeup is yours for the taking.

by Sara Spruch-Feiner
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When Euphoria premiered in June 2019, it caught as much attention for its bold, unconventional, and just plain fun makeup, as it did for its intense plot lines. Makeup artist Doniella Davy (she goes by Donni) is Euphoria's makeup artist, and in the months after the show premiered, became somewhat legendary herself, with legions of fans recreating her whimsical designs. Now, Davy's teamed up with Face Lace by Phyllis Cohen to create decals that make her handiwork much easier to replicate. The first launch, inspired by the show's Jules Vaughn character, played by Hunter Schafer, features decals in the shape of clouds.

While the looks Davy creates may be fun, they're not without significance. "Jules’ looks are meant to be playful and reflect her moods and what’s going on in her life," Davy told TZR in an email. "In Episode 3 of Season 1, I first featured white hand-drawn clouds on Jules for a scene where she gushes to a skeptical Rue about her budding online romance with a boy named Tyler. We come to find out that Jules’ head was in the clouds, when we find out who Tyler really is," she explains.

"When designing looks for Jules, we [Davy, the show-runner, and actor] typically align on a color and a vibe when she sits down in my makeup chair. On this day back in Season 1, we aligned on white curved lines, and then they evolved into clouds," she explains of the process.

Once the show aired, the homages rolled in: "It seemed to me like that was the look that was recreated the most by the widest range of people, makeup skill levels, ages, and genders," Davy notes, explaining that though she'd originally drawn the clouds on Schafer's face, it was hard to mimic the exact "line weight and curvature each time" she had to recreate the look. Thus, the idea of stick-ons was born.

courtesy of Doniella Davy

The resulting collaboration eliminates the aforementioned consistency problem, as decals allow for the same look every time — but also, for non-makeup-artists, they make the handiwork required a non-issue. Each set in the new launch contains two sheets in iridescent holographic and twinkling silver glitter. Davy shot the campaign for the decals herself.

Courtesy of Doniella Davy

The makeup artist provided TZR with tips on how to get the most out of every application — and how to tiptoe into more experimental makeup looks. "You can apply decals to a clean face [or one with] makeup," she says, but recommends avoiding any moisturizers or foundations on the oilier side. "Stick to powder eyeshadows on and around your eye if you want to lay down some color before applying the decals. They won’t stick very well on top of a chunky glitter or any particularly moist eyeshadow formula. Gently peel off one decal at a time and place it lightly around your eye. When you find a placement you’re happy with, firmly press the decal onto your skin. There is no wrong placement of the clouds. You can even cut them for further customization. Finally, when you’re ready to remove them, peel them off of your face gently and slowly so as to not irritate the delicate skin around your eye." Oh, and on top of everything else, they're reusable.

If you're inspired by the colorful looks on Euphoria but are more of a no-makeup makeup wearer in your day-to-day life, Davy has two words for you: "baby steps." She offers tips for experimenting with eyeshadow, rhinestones, liner, and mascara to align with your comfort level and interests.

For those who want to experiment with eyeshadow, Davy recommends simplifying: "Forget about creases and contours, and just start with a wash of sheer shimmery color all over your lids," she says. And if you want to play with rhinestones — start small. Davy recommends trying a "tiny little rhinestone on the inner corners of your eyes, and then maybe a slightly bigger rhinestone on the outer corners of your eyes."

If you want to try some fun eyeliner but don't have the time or patience for makeup artist level precision, Davy recommends trying a "colored pencil liner along your lower waterline, and then outline your eyes with a soft ring of a colored eyeshadow. This will give you a sort of halo eyeliner effect."

Finally, she says, a truly simple way to add a little something to any look, "Burgundy or blue mascara is really fun to play with and adds a subtle pop of color while still being totally casual."

Of course, you could also start with just cloud decals, and contribute to a worthy cause to boot. Ten percent of profits from Head In The Clouds products will be donated to Trans Lifeline from Feb 1, 2021 to Dec. 31, 2021.

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