7 Tips If You’re Going From Brunette To Platinum Blonde

There are few beauty maneuvers as dramatic, not to mention nerve-racking, as dying your hair to platinum blonde. One of our fabulous staffers, Jaclyn Decell, took the plunge and documented the process along the way. Since going blonde, especially if you have dark hair, can be an intimidating process, we have all the deets on what to expect and the tricks you need to know to avoid damaging your hair. It’s a commitment, but from what we can tell, the expression “blondes have more fun” may have some truth!

Going Blonde: A Step-By-Step Guide

Our staffer Jaclyn Decell documents the process of going from brunette to platinum blonde.

Step One: Book A Whole Day

Going from brunette to blonde is a long process, so set aside 4-6 hours. The first step involves applying bleach to every strand of hair which can take an hour or more depending on the length of your hair.

Step 2: Discuss The Plan With Your Colorist

Before you start the process, be sure to have a conversation with your colorist to go over the plan and results you want. Let them know if you've colored your hair before (if so, have them add color to your roots last to avoid hair breakage).

Step 3: Stay Calm

In order to avoid hair breakage, most colorist do a round of color, then toner, then color again, then toner again. This allows your hair to rest in between the steps to minimize damage to your hair. Be sure not to freak out when you see the color in between the steps - the second application of bleach and toner will finish the job.

Step 4: Be Prepared

Immediately after the dying process, your colorist will comb in a conditioning hair mask to restore hydration. Know that you will not be able to wash your hair for one week to ensure the colors holds.

Step 5: Maintenance

It's important to use hair oil, hair masks and deep conditioner a few times a week to restore natural oils to your hair fibers. Also, do not shampoo your hair everyday since this process is dehydrating, cut back and do every third day.

Step 6: Get A Swim Cap

With summer approaching, remember that the chlorine in swimming pools will turn your blonde hair green, so be sure to invest in a chic swim cap.

Step 7: Adjust Your Makeup Color Palette

Changing your hair color means you have new color palettes you can experiment with in your wardrobe and makeup. Have fun trying new eye shadows and lipsticks!

Hair by Jenelle Oldham