The Pretzel Twist Chignon Is About To Be *The* Fashion Girl Favorite Hairstyle

It’s easier to do than it looks.

by Natasha Marsh

Whether you prefer your hair off your neck or you’re looking for a chic evening hairstyle, it’s time you tried a chignon. Not to be confused with a bun that can be worn anywhere on your head, chignons are always at the nape of your neck. Ahead, 10 chignon hairstyles for your most sophisticated fall yet.

Accessorize It

The name “chignon” might sound difficult but all you really need is a hair tie, bobby pins, hairspray, and in this case, a small accessory. Wear this to a friends wedding or for a date night.


Few hair choices are as sleek as a slicked-back style. Let your chignon shine in a glossy and smooth style. Wear this to important meetings or a date at the ballet.

Short Hair, Don’t Care

Even if you don’t have as much hair to grab into a ponytail, chignon styles can be your saving grace in chic up-dos. Just prepare lots of hair pins and you’ll be able to recreate this look with ease.

Headscarf Hybrid

Add the perfect pop to upcoming colder temperatures and personalize your chignon with a headscarf.

Lived-In Chignon

If you are pressed for time, throw your hair into a looser more effortless chignon like this lived-in style. Add a little hairspray to keep flyaways at bay.

Headband Braid

Throw in some loose face-framing tendrils on the side with this flowy chignon bun. This will look great at upcoming holiday parties.

Pretzel Chignon

If you don’t want to sport a super intricate pattern, dip your toes in with this pretzel chignon that has hair weaving in from the top into the bun.

Going To The Chapel

For your walk down the aisle, whether bridesmaid or bride, turn heads with this glamorous chignon style. Feel free to add pearls or accessories to elevate the look.

Minimalist Elegance

Channel your early ‘00s Adele with this minimalist chignon. Start by slicking back hair with mousse and a comb and add in hair spray for a shiny finish.

Vibrant Twist

Play around with color and emphasis your highlights in this chignon twist. Make sure to wash with sulfate-free shampoo and condition to preserve your new shade.


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