Our Favorite Picks From This Beauty Pro-Approved Brand Are All Under $30

This clean beauty fave is considered a staple by makeup artists and supermodels alike.

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Clean beauty has grown leaps and bounds in recent years with countless brands popping up left and right. Of course, it’s fun to explore all the newness in the natural skincare space. And with so many exciting options, it’s very likely you’ll discover a few products that become instant favorites. But even with an influx of buzzy launches, you’ll still benefit from stocking up on long-time heroes from a tried-and-true brand like Weleda.

The beloved natural brand remains a staple of beauty pros like makeup artists, supermodels like Stella Maxwell, and even TZR’s executive beauty director Faith Xue. And it’s easy to see why this range of plant-forward formulas has such a cult following. The products are made with clean, good-for-skin ingredients you can actually pronounce and actually work (to the extent that industry insiders turn to them over pricier alternatives), and the stellar online reviews speak for themselves. And in addition to all of that, Weleda products are super wallet-friendly so it’s a win for both your skin and budget.

Scroll below to see and shop some of Weleda’s top products, all of which cost less than $30.

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What do supermodel Stella Maxwell and TZR’s executive beauty director Faith Xue reach for to get their skin flawless and camera-ready? Nope, it’s not some $300 gold-flecked serum with lab-engineered ingredients. Think more natural and affordable. Both are vocal fans of Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream, a best-selling moisturizer that’s packed with ultra-nourishing sunflower seed and sweet almond oils, chamomile and calendula extracts, and beeswax.

Dermatologists have been shouting from the rafters about the importance of washing your face at the end of the day. (Sorry — those makeup-removing wipes aren’t going to cut it from a skincare perspective.) This gentle yet effective, non-drying cleansing milk relies on sesame and jojoba seed oils, iris root extract, and witch hazel to remove pore-clogging dirt, oil, and bacteria without stripping.

Folks with sensitive skin need to be extra careful about introducing new ingredients into their lineup. Formulated with even the most easily irritated complexions in mind, this silky lightweight lotion employs superhero almond oil (known for its high content of linolenic acid) and beeswax to soothe, nourish, and moisturize. Oh, and don’t worry about irritating fragrances, synthetic preservatives, or colorants: It doesn't have any of that stuff.

Skincare minimalists, frequent fliers, and apartment dwellers will undoubtedly be drawn to this clinically tested, double-duty eye and lip cream. It harnesses the time-tested power of evening primrose — a species of flowering plant that’s bursting with vitamins and fatty acids — as well as sunflower, jojoba, and olive oils, cocoa seed butter, and beeswax to smooth, plump, and care for the delicate areas around your peepers and pout.

Many people use the same moisturizer for day and night — but it’s actually super important to give your skin a little extra TLC during the evening hours. This rich cream works hard while you snooze, with antioxidant-rich pomegranate seed oil as the star of the show. Borage seed and argan oils play an important supporting role. Slather this on before bed and wake up looking luminous and well-rested.

If your morning routine needs a little boost, we highly recommend grabbing a tube of this lightweight daytime moisturizer that’s infused with rose, jojoba, and peach kernel seed oils, and myrrh extract. It absorbs quickly, leaving skin hydrated, radiant, bouncy, and ready for makeup or sunscreen. And the invigorating rose scent is the perfect pick-me-up that doesn’t involve tossing back that second cup of coffee.

This luxurious golden elixir is yet another multi-purpose magician of a product that’s amazing for your skin (and won’t deal a harsh blow to your bank account either). With a proven-to-work combination of sun-ripened sea buckthorn fruit and sesame seed oils, it’ll impart a mega-dose of radiant moisture wherever you need it. What’s more, you only need a few drops for an instant glow-up on your face or body.

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