16 New Summer Fragrances To Make Your Signature Warm-Weather Scent

Vacation vibes unlocked.

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summer 2024 fragrances
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It’s arguably the most popular season of the year, so absolutely no judgement if your annual summer countdown starts on the first day of fall. Now that the warmer weather is finally upon us and you’ve pulled your sandals, maxi skirts, and linen dresses out of storage, you should fully lean into the season with a perfume that’s just as sunny as your newfound disposition. That’s where the best new summer 2024 fragrances come into play.

Like your summer wardrobe, these scents tend to lean airy and fruity rather than rich and spicy. If you’re someone who likes to fully embrace their sweet tooth by smelling like a dessert, Kayali’s Rock Sugar and Miami Nectar are destined to become your most-worn perfumes. And if you’re a fan of warmer, richer juices that will hold up on an all-nighter bopping from rooftop bar to rooftop bar, the season’s light floral scents with hint of musk will be your favorites. Perfumehead’s LA LA Love and Celine’s ZouZou are two solid options to try.

Read on to get all the details on the 16 most exciting new fragrance launches of the summer 2024 season.

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