40 Spring Perfumes Under $100 You’ll Want To Wear All Season Long

Romantic, fruity, floral.

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Spring is one of the best spring perfumes.

There’s something refreshing about the scent of spring that can make you feel hopeful, giddy, and a touch romantic. The sweet scents evoke imagery of chirping birds, buzzing bees, and blooming flowers — a vibe to live in 24/7. It’s that time of year where fashion followers are making references to a certain Miranda Priestly quote — you know the one. (Hint: It's groundbreaking.) And while the weather may differ depending on where you live on the globe, one thing remains the same: The very best spring perfumes under $100 will have you feeling like you're lying in a meadow, sunshine included.

What constitutes a springtime perfume, anyway? Florals come to mind, of course, as do fresh scents, like bergamot, lemon, and the occasional bright pepper — things that are light and sparkly. Many shelve their darker, musk-heavy perfumes until the colder seasons come back around (though there is a time and place for romantic, warm fragrances). And of course, you can never go wrong with a classic feminine fragrance like Marc Jacobs Daisy or Carolina Herrera Good Girl.

It's even better when your chosen scent doesn't break the bank. Ahead, find 40 of the best perfumes under $100 that will have you smelling like a spring morning whenever you need a refresh.

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