6 Spring Nail Designs That Are A Sign Of Brighter Days Ahead

For minimalists, maximalists, and everyone in between.


It is finally safe to say that spring has sprung, and that means you no longer need an excuse to don the most vibrant and out of the box spring nail designs that you can imagine. With the sun shining, vaccines in full-swing, and a slight return to a semblance of normalcy, your nail beds will be getting a lot more eyes this month — so do it big and do it right with some nail art inspired by the (hopefully) brighter days ahead.

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Play with patterns, explore textures, and get festive with colors, because a new kind of spring time is here, and it’s marked by designs inspired by waves, girl power, the jungle, and going with the flow. Ahead, check out the six best spring nail designs that are for the adventurous spirit in all of us.

Spring Nail Designs: The Great Divide

It may seem counterintuitive to remove polish, but when it comes to nails, it’s a gorgeous design element. For this easy yet super chic look, all you have to do is paint the entire lane and remove a strip in a cuticle-shaped motion with an angled brush dipped in remover. If that shape doesn’t do it for you, simply drag your brush in whatever shape you please.

Spring Nail Designs: Crashing Waves

Is this a symptom of vacations on the horizon? You’d better believe it. And while this design may appear difficult to achieve, it’s actually pretty simple. Paint your base coat and allow it to dry, then add a few drops of polish to a cup of room temperature water. Use a toothpick to create a marbled, swirl pattern in the polish and then dip your fingertips into the design. Use a cotton bud and remover to clean up the excess polish on your fingers, finish with a top coat, and voila!

Spring Nail Designs: Message Manis

You don’t have to relegate your opinions and ideals to Instagram or Twitter. If the creative in you is looking for a new medium to share your voice, try your nails. Play with colors, shapes, and different phrases while you make yourself heard. Unless your impressively ambidextrous, this might be best left to the professionals.

Spring Nail Designs: Jungle Boogie

For the wild one in you, adorn your mani with an array of different animal prints be it in French tip form or just as a statement nail. Simply nail down the best nude polish for you, and let your nail tech handle the rest. Or, you can play with nail wraps at home and cut them to fit exactly as you want.

Spring Nail Designs: White Shells

Both elegant and reminiscent of the sea, this white seashell mani incorporates texture, jeweling, and metallics. Pair them with a few of your favorite rings for a true statement hand that is just begging for an outdoor hang with some friends.

Spring Nail Designs: Curves

The good thing about this look is it doesn’t require a professional. All you have to do is select a nude hue that complements your skin tone, and with a small to medium brush, create fluid strokes across the nail bed with a white or cream polish. Allow each layer to fully dry so you get a clear edge. Then finish with a top coat for a glossy effect.