18 January 2021 Nail Designs That Are The Embodiment Of A Fresh Start

Brittney Boyce

The finish line is here. The God-forsaken year that was 2020 has come to an infinite close. And while not everything will not be going back to normal by any means, everyone is slowly but surely trying to find things that can remind them of how things used to be. The best January 2021 nail designs are shining examples of that, more elaborate than you may have seen in a long time.

"I think since we started quarantine, people have been more adventurous with DIY and their beauty looks in general," Brittney Boyce, celebrity nail artist and Nails Of LA founder says. "You see people doing crazy hair transformations at home and in general, having fun. I think that attitude will continue in the new year, especially with nail art. Nail artists like myself are posting nail tutorials on Instagram and TikTok and they’re getting a lot of views, which I think means that people want to learn and try new nail looks."

So while you probably still won't be back to your regular social schedule, and masks aren't going anywhere anytime soon, these are the nail designs that can restore at least a bit of normalcy — and some fun to boot.

January 2021 Nail Designs: V-Shaped French Manicure

Seen in: Los Angeles & Dallas

"Ariana Grande just showed off her new engagement ring with a modernized V-shaped French manicure with classic white tips and a sheer pink nude base, and it looks incredible," Boyce says. "I think one trend will be minimal nail art with a sheer nude base and white nail art, whether it’s French tips or other geometric designs."

January 2021 Nail Designs: Moody Greens

Seen in: Los Angeles & Miami

"Green in all forms will be very popular all of 2021," Boyce says. "I think it’ll continue to be a trendy color in January. Minty pastel greens in particular would feel very fresh when the weather starts to warm up. But when it’s still cold, I think cozy dark greens will still be popular."

January 2021 Nail Designs: Glitters Galore

Seen in: Costa Mesa & Los Angeles

"I also see glitters trending in January," Boyce says. "People always love glitters for New Years Eve and they always remember how fun glitters are and lean into them in January."

January 2021 Nail Designs: "Clean Slates"

Seen in: Chicago & DC

"Nude, barely there colors will surely be trending as it’s like a clean slate for the New Year," Boyce says.

January 2021 Nail Designs: Cuticle Moons

Seen in: Los Angeles & Miami

The look is super easy to recreate at home. Simply apply an arched sticker above the cuticle, and paint underneath with your desired color.

January 2021 Nail Designs: Minimal Abstracts

Seen in: Los Angeles & New York City

Brittney Boyce

"Minimal abstract nail art with geometric designs are so in style," Boyce says. "It’s actually really easy to do at home because you don’t have to be exact, and the nails don’t all have to match. Demi Lovato recently did one that looks similar."

January 2021 Nail Designs: Cozy Creams

"Cozy creamy colors are perfect for those who like it simple," Boyce says. "Think of colors that make you want to snuggle in a chunky knit throw blanket, whether it’s a creamy mauve tone or a dark creamy navy blue."

January 2021 Nail Designs: Gold Foils

Seen in: Los Angeles & Chicago

"Gold foils add texture and bougie-ness to nail art, something people will want in January," Boyce says. "It’s actually quite simple to do and again, you don’t have to be very exact. You can do a take on French tips using gold foil, or you can simply add it onto the top of any manicure to add a finishing touch. Glitter can be used as a substitute if you don’t have gold foil."

January 2021 Nail Designs: Glitter Ombré

Seen in: New York City & Los Angeles

"Soft glitter ombré is such an easy DIY," Boyce says. "ORLY’s Gossip Girl is a warm gold glitter with fuchsia flecks that’s really pretty in an ombre effect."