The Best Silk Scrunchies For Sleeping

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Sure, scrunchies can be used to add color and personality to an otherwise basic hairstyle. But at their core, they’re an everyday essential for keeping your hair out of your face while running errands, crushing a workout, and getting a good night’s rest. Looking to minimize damage and help preserve your hairstyle overnight? You’ll want to ditch your usual elastic and try a silk scrunchie instead. The best silk scrunchies for sleeping won’t ever feel like they’re pulling your hair too tightly (something that’s especially important while you sleep). Instead, the buttery-smooth material will glide over your hair without leaving any dents in your blowout or causing tangles, knots, or unwanted frizz.

On the list ahead, you’ll find thick and thin options to cater to both preferences, as well as a rainbow of colors so you can switch things up (and match your pajamas). You might also find it helpful to pair your silk scrunchie with a silk pillowcase, which will further prevent your hair from tangling and frizzing. (These same qualities make silk pillowcases great for your skin, too.) For the ultimate night of beauty rest, round out your collection with a silk eye mask, which will block out light without leaving any creases around your eyes.

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In a hurry? Here are the best silk scrunchies for sleeping:

1. The Overall Best: Slip Multi Skinny Scrunchies

2. Best Satin Scrunchies Under $10: Kitsch Satin Sleek Scrunchie

3. Best Oversized Silk Scrunchie: LilySilk Silk Scrunchie

1. Writer’s Pick: The Overall Best

I’ve been using this exact set of silk scrunchies from Slip for the past five years. While I’ll occasionally switch to a tighter elastic for a workout, these are the only scrunchies I use at night (they’re also totally fine for a Pilates or yoga class, in case you were wondering). I have long, fine hair that I like to put into a low ponytail when I go to bed to keep my hair from getting too mussed up while I sleep. I’ll wrap one of these around my hair twice, and it stays in place all night, and even helps prolong my hairstyle on days when I’ve used a curling iron.

Relevant Review: “There are a lot of silk-like hair ties out there now, but these are by far the best. They are perfect for sleeping in and don’t pull my hair at all. They also don’t leave a noticeable dent in the hair if I take my hair down mid-day. The only time I would choose a different hair tie is for working out when I need a little extra hold, but otherwise, these are hands-down my go-to for day-to-day use.”

2. Best Satin Scrunchies Under $10

As much as I love my Slip scrunchies, they admittedly don’t come cheap. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly alternative, try a satin scrunchie instead. In this set from Kitsch, you’ll get five scrunchies made of super-soft satin, which is just as gentle on hair and equally effective at preventing creasing. Take your pick between solid colors like silver or pink, a cool black and white striped print, or a variety pack with three shades.

Relevant Review: “My hair is long blonde and on the thin side. I have bought several different silk hair ties for sleep but all were too tight. Tight is fine for the day, but not at night since I toss and turn and felt like I was pulling my hair out from the roots. These are perfect for night time use. My hair stayed up all night without any pulling. I will be definitely getting more and recommending to my friends who have had the same issues as me.”

3. Best Oversized Silk Scrunchies

If you prefer a thicker scrunchie overnight or have lots of hair, these LilySilk Oversized Silk Scrunchies are a great option. Like Slip, LilySilk uses pure mulberry silk to make their scrunchies, which feel so soft and light and keep your hair in place without leaving any dents behind. These scrunchies are also a great choice if you want multiple options to match your outfits, as they come in a variety of colors (18, to be exact), ranging from olive green to bold coral.

Relevant Review: “Pretty scrunchy, great quality. Love the silk for pulling my long hair up at night for sleeping. No ponytail lines or creases in the morning.”

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