These 7 Silk Eye Masks Will Give You An *Actual* Night Of Beauty Sleep

by Katie Evans

The value of beauty sleep is incredibly real. Obtaining that elusive eight hours a night can make a huge difference in your complexion, hair, and overall wellbeing, but when you're faced with environmental light, it can be challenging to achieve. That's where sleep masks come in. Though they come in an endless number of textiles, silk — thanks to its softness and gentleness — will always reign supreme. With that in mind, the best silk sleep masks will help you get a blissful night's sleep, since they're great at blocking out light, but are also super gentle on your skin.

Fabric aside, there's a mask out there to suit every preference. For example, you can go with the standard style that lays flat over your eyes, or you can opt for a molded mask that gives you room to blink without obstruction. Or, if you like the feeling of light pressure, consider a padded eye mask with a weighted filling.

Beyond that, many of these silk sleep masks have added features, like gel inserts that can be chilled in the refrigerator (which works wonders on migraines and eye puffiness). There are even some infused with lavender for relaxing aromatherapy.

Whether you're wearing it to block light, or because the material is kind to your skin, finding yourself one of the best silk sleep masks will be like a dream come true. Keep scrolling for seven of the top picks on Amazon.

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The Luxe Sleep Mask That's Worth Every Penny (& Comes In SO Many Cute Prints)

This luxurious sleep mask is designed by Slip, a favorite label among celebrities and beauty editors alike. It's designed in the classic, flat style, and is made entirely of mulberry silk that's colored with nontoxic dyes — whether you opt for a solid shade, a darling print (like "Feathers," pictured here), or one that's embroidered. The stretchy band is also made of silk, so it's gentle on hair, too.

If you want the full Slip experience, you can also grab the brand's silk pillowcase (the product that made them famous), scrunchies, or a bundle of all three.

  • Available colors: 22

This Affordable Option With An Adjustable Strap

With glowing reviews from over 12,000 Amazon shoppers, it's clear that this affordable eye mask is a keeper — and just look at that under-$10 price tag. Another mulberry silk pick that's designed to lay flat across your eyes, it features an elastic strap that has an unobtrusive adjuster at the side, which reviewers confirmed "holds the mask in place" all night long. Choose from black (pictured), blue, or two printed options.

  • Available colors: 4

A Full-Coverage Design That's Great For Side Sleepers

Whether you're a side sleeper or just sensitive to light and noise, this full-coverage sleep mask will be a total game-changer. With its wraparound design, it covers more of your face and part of your ears to completely block out light and even some sound. Plus, its hook-and-loop strap is adjustable and covered in silk so as not to snag your hair.

This mask also comes with earplugs and a gel-bead insert that can be chilled to help with migraines or puffiness, and will also conform to your face without stiffness. The overall design of this mask is so comfortable and effective that one of our editors swears by a similar one, albeit made of bamboo-derived viscose.

  • Available colors: 1

This Contoured Satin Mask With Memory Foam Padding

Contoured eye masks are well-loved for their ability to fully block out light without adding pressure to your eyelids or lashes. This sleep mask is designed with memory foam that conforms to your face shape, and has a silky satin exterior — so while it may not be pure silk, it still feels luxurious and soft. Other features include a specially designed nose bridge that prevents light leaks, as well as an adjustable elastic band.

  • Available colors: 1

This Pretty Silk Eye Mask With A Cute Message

This silk eye mask sends the right message, with "Good Night" embroidered on the front. It has an adjustable, stretch-lace band and is lightly padded for extra comfort — though it still remains lightweight and breathable, according to Amazon reviewers.

"I toss and turn like crazy and previous masks I have had I've had to find in the covers somewhere in the morning because they come off in the night," one shopper explained. "The last two mornings I have slept in an extra 30 minutes because this mask is still on my face blocking the sunlight!" Choose from pink or black, or go with a leopard print or cat-eye embroidered design.

  • Available colors: 4

A Lavender-Infused Eye Mask That's Weighted For Gentle Pressure

This sleep mask — which is beloved by celebrities like Venus Williams (pictured) — is really unique because of its versatility. It comes with a flat eye mask, a gel insert, a bag of lavender, and a bag of flax seeds, which you can combine or use individually to create your perfect custom mask. The mask has a stretchy, adjustable band and a concealed zip closure for easy filling. Meanwhile, the gel insert can be chilled, while the flax seeds can be heated, and the lavender delivers calming aromatherapeutic properties as well.

"It works wonderfully," one shopper raved. "I added the extra lavender that came with the package and have been sleeping better since purchasing it." Choose from black, Burgundy, purple, or silver — or get the kit that includes a soothing pillow spray.

  • Available colors: 5

This Mulberry Silk Mask & Pillowcase Set At An Incredible Price

If you're seeking a sleep mask for skin care benefits, why stop there? This mask and pillowcase set is an absolute steal, and one of the easiest things you can do to up your beauty routine. Made of pure mulberry silk that won't snag, pull, or cause creases on your face, this duo is gentle on both skin and hair. The mask has a stretchy silk strap, and, as one shopper described, feels "like two perfect pillows on your eyes." The pillowcase is queen-sized and has a concealed zipper to keep it in place all night long.

Choose from a range of neutral colors, or rich shades like Burgundy, pink, and navy blue. Or, opt for a similar satin set (that includes a matching scrunchie) in an adorable pastel leopard print.

  • Available colors: 10