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These Dry Hair-Friendly Oils Keep My Ends Fresh Between Cuts

Tried and true favorites.

Dae prickly pear hair oil model
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So many of the beauty product roundups I write seem to double as confessionals, and it’s time for another one. I’m the sort of person who meticulously applies skin care products, religiously works body lotions and serums into my legs, and rearranges my makeup bag contents with frightening frequency. But my hair? Really, it’s just kind of...there. My shower might be stuffed with a shocking number of deep conditioning masks, but they’re often neglected. The thing is, though, I’ve come to rely on one workhorse product that puts in enough overtime to nourish my waves. The best oils for dry hair, which is what I have, can put in extra effort to fake serious moisture, seal up the look of split ends, tame frizz and flyaways, and even help extend time between haircuts — not that this beauty editor could ever recommend skipping those all-important trims, of course.

No matter if my hair is freshly washed and styled or going on its third day of dry shampoo, my strands always get a coat of moisturizing oil — even if it’s just concentrated through my ends. Naturally, with daily use, I’ve tested so many different oil formulas. Below are the 10 very best I’ve tried, and I couldn’t recommend them more to anyone who has dry hair like mine.

Mara Roszak’s RŌZ hair care line actually features two distinct oils — one is a heavier treatment — but this is the sort of staple you keep on the counter for easy access. The perfect finishing touch post-styling, it seals hair up to protect against humidity, frizz, and even heat damage.