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These Repairing Hair Masks Are Helping Me Reverse Months Of Damage

In my healing era.

Maggie Haddad
best restoring hair masks
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After years of heat damage and slicked back buns, my hair finally reached its breaking point earlier this month. I headed to my salon for a long-overdue haircut, and instead of asking for layers or curtain bangs, I told my stylist that my only goal was to heal my hair. After chatting about my current routine and my hair health, we came to one conclusion: It was time for a major chop. Five inches later, I left the salon with a new haircare regimen, centered around repairing masks.

While I actually love my new short hair, I still need to make some significant changes to my routine to keep my strands healthy. Per my stylist’s recommendation, I’ll be using a restoring hair mask every other week. While I already own a few products, I’m looking to try some new formulas as well. Throughout my shopping and research, I’ve been looking specifically for terms like “strengthening” and “bond-building.” By implementing these masks into my routine, not only will I repair broken hairs and split ends, but I’ll also be preventing future harm.

Besides embracing the hair mask life, I’ll be making a few more changes to prioritize growth and prevent split ends and damage. First, I’m saying goodbye to thin hair ties. By pulling my hair back with a thin elastic, I’m causing my strands stress, which results in breakage. Instead, I’ll be using bigger scrunchies and claw clips to loosely hold back my mane. Also, I’ll be applying heat protectant to my hair before any hot tool styling. I only give myself a blowout once or twice a week, but that direct heat isn’t doing my hair any favors. Protectant will shield my strands and keep it strong.

I have a long journey ahead of me before achieving my healthy hair goals. If, like me, you want to upgrade your routine and start to heal damage done over the course of the year, keep scrolling for the best repairing hair masks to implement into your regimen.