This New High Tech Hair Dryer Is The Secret To Flawless At-Home Blowouts

Not a want, but a need.

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woman with glossy hair

Plenty of good hair days are on the horizon, and not a moment too soon. As it just so happens, some of the year’s most exciting new hair launches are here just in time for the rush of social activity that inevitably comes with the influx of warmer weather. The best new hair products of April 2022 are absolutely made for those high-pressure days when looking your best is critical — wedding season, anyone? — but are so versatile, often with compounding benefits, that they’re solid picks for just about any occasion.

One of the most interesting things about April’s best new hair products is how well they all play together, regardless of their brand of origin. Pair a high-tech new hair tool, for example, with any of the just-launched, shine-boosting leave-ins for a red-carpet-worthy blowout at home. Follow a growth-encouraging mask with a protective hair spray to avoid undoing your progress. Chase a deliciously glossy shampoo with its rinse-out counterpart for gawk-inducing double-takes. Regardless of if you’re looking to catch someone’s eye or just feel like your best self, there’s no better place to start than with these lustrous, frizz-fighting favorites.

Check them all out below.

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